Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Superfan Jeg welcomes Rosicky

Czech playmaker Tomas Rosicky has signed a long term contract with Arsenal in a deal reported to be around 7 Million pounds. Jeg was delighted about the latest transfer made by Arsenal and admitted it was an unexpected one.

"Tomas Rosicky is a player who is too expensive for Arsenal. But somehow there is a minimum fee release clause in his contract and Arsenal were swift enough to secure his services," Jeg spoke to the press.

Rosicky is touted as one of the best playmaker in the world who scored the decisive winner againts Norway in the World Cup Play-off second leg.

Czech Republic is currently second in the FIFA World Ranking


m mohamad said...

one question jeg..if he is so good..why is his contract worth only 7mil pounds? and why did they want to disclosed it..jes wondering..must be a bargain for gunners then..

jeg said...

test. rosicky dlm CM power gell hell (gaya sapa ni?)