Friday, May 19, 2006

Bbq Tuesday

For a second straight day I've been sleeping all day and night. It was a torrid and mind bulging time improving my project paper. It was not worth of my time. Since it is official my grade is B-. That Tuesday I headed to Shah Alam and saw my touch and go balance reduced to RM2.40. No more passing the Shah Alam toll this time i guess. Ah well, there'll be one more time. To take my scroll in a few months unless I chose to use the non-toll route Glenmarie.

What the hell am I bragging pon aku tatau. I am here to talk about the bbq. So I drove my car into the faculty and forgot to top-up to call Piah to stay over his house for a short while before going to Baiduri for the Bbq. Ah, there was no need. Right about to park my car I saw Arwin, Nain and Piah. But what the hell's Arwin doing here? I cud understand Piah and Nain wanting to send 2 copies of their project like I wanted to do.

"Ko buat apa sini?"

"Hah? Ada actuarial day"

Ye la tuh. How many actuarial day in a semester they want to organise? So I knew he was joking. I asked them to wait for me. And they did so went up the stairs to hand it the report. Met Hanafi on the way. Still hopeful he would give me a good grade. So here we go again Hanafi bragging about this and that yada yada yada and went for my breakfast at 4.30p.m. SS2. Ikan keli dah abis! So during our meal we were still talking about Hanafi and project and how miraculously Asrep got a zero for his group project. Maybe mistakenly keyed-in by Dato' kot. 20 actually kot probably he missed on the key '2'.

Originally, Apeq asked us to help him out on the potong bawang Tunas Puteri session. Haha. Well, not this time. Feeling a bit down with the project I opted to do easier things. Went shopping with Arwin (the driver), Nain (Chief Khadam) and Piah (Kuli Pertiwi) to get some charcoal and stuff from Nana (the Sleeping Beauty)'s house. I was wearing this Burberry shirt, the same shirt I wore in a weekend outing. So I knew I had to change. And I was on my pagoda shirt all day.

So we headed back to Baiduri. The potong bawang and marinating session was done by Apeq and Asrep. "Maleh!" Asrep barked at us when we chose to betray him. Not to forget how he pulled Piah into a heated telling off about his gay-like body shirt in which I agreed.

And I got myself back in my Burberry shirt. Apeq complimented later that I looked taller in the shirt. Come on man. My height is average ok. Haha. So we all had fun starting up the fire using paip getah motor. I had many Kambing-Q or Ayam-Q parties (Babi-Q kan haram bak kata Pakcik Surau that night) before but that was the first time I saw how to start a fire in the most busuk bau getah way. But it was damn efficient. Who needs a fire starter? "This is a brillliant idea," I thought. And it was the first time I saw people using water by sprinkling it onto the red hot charcoal to control the fire. Lots of things I learned that night. Arwin came up with the joke that former Tunas Puteri members are good at Babi-Qs so he urged ppl not to over-rely on him because he was from the Kadet Bomba. Bomba padam api, get it?

You can't get it here coz it's all written. But I got one trivia made up by Raja that night quite handsomely, but to the annoy of some ppl in the group. Gimme a break. I know I am good at spelling bees. hahah! He said, "This is a new way to spell McDonald. M-A-C-D-O-N-A-L-D. So, kalo McChicken M-A-C-C-H-I-C-K-E-N bunyi dia...?" The rest replied, "McChicken!". Good. Forwarding the trivia to Didi Raja asked again. "Kalau M-A-C-H-I-N-E??". Spontaneously I answered, "Err.. Machine?". Then suddenly I got some accusations that I heard of the trivia before. What did u expect for me to say? "Mac-Hine?" Haha. But it was a good attempt anyway. Raja by the way is good at magic tricks. Teringat aku kat SHuen. Shuen is also good at magic tricks. And ironically, both are computer geeks. (Bill Gates is a self-proclaimed geek so I expect both to go far in the industry, be it in the music industry since Shuen is now so into I'm Sprung hahaha).

We had some ghost stories. Somebody wanted to throw me a phone when I was about to start my ghost story coz she thought I was gonna bertapa? What was wrong with her I dunno. Main galah panjang dekat badminton court Baiduri tu. Huda scored all the points to take our team to glory yeahh!! Gelak2. Jerit2. Main badminton. So it was fun. Masak ayam tu mmg perkara biasa ah. Well, atleast I didnt here any complaints about the food. "Nak sedap2 beli Kenny Rogers".
Suddenly when Pak Guard and 4 frens came to us and asked us to pack and go. "Sapa leader sini?" Haha tetiba je tanya pasal leader. Its not like we are having an illegal demonsration. "REFORMASI!!!" Hahaha!

So we kemas2 and headed to Hakim Tujuh plak. Borak2 panjang sampai kol 5.10 pagi. Gossip. Citer2 lecturer. A bit confidential stories pon ada regarding a friend. Haha. It was hillarious.
At about 5.30 I reached home and sempat Isya' and terus Subuh. Scary jugak dok teringat citer2 hantu tol, Karak Highway etc. Gila ryte. And slept until 2.00 pm.

I know it's a long blog. So, later-later lah.


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