Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MyTeam must follow FAM procedures

We saw how MyTeam took the lead last Sunday through Arun against the make-shift Malaysian team. And one minute later we saw their team captain stupidly sent off for violent conduct. Admit it. The goal was a fluke. It was a cross, not an intended goal. And the sending off of Harmizam further weighed the claims that MyTeam is still young as a team and still has a lot to learn.

Say what you want to say Khairy. But I believe we must follow the rules of FAM. Any team wants to join the Malaysian League must start from bottom. "Segera tak segera, kalo perencah dah power mee segera pon power," Khairy barked at the FAM Chief who said that a football team cannot be made like mee-segera (instant noodles). But that was not exactly what he said bulat-bulat. I am still looking for the correct words from sources.

In the 60th minutes, the ice-blended Malaysian team equalised, and notched in the winner before the end of the game. I think justice was done. What a relief. The project MyTeam is a good one but I don't think a good team can be made overnight.

My suggestion would be MyTeam to play in the Non-League before qualifying for the Malaysian League. Nothing is to be scared of what. Khairy said his MyTeam is capable of playing at the top level and there is only one thing to prove that - playing in the Non-League. This way no one can question MyTeam's credibility. This is not politics. This is sport. One day another PM wannabe will create a new team. So, should this one go straight into Malaysian League? And then comes another, and another, and another...

Unfair. I call this impatience. I dont want to get into trouble commenting about a Pemuda UMNO Chief candidate but I think it is fair to say that we need time to gain experience. Just like MyTeam. To blend as a team is not that easy. We need time. Look at even Real Madrid. They acquired many stars but still they crumbled. Time is essential to work as a unit.

Time is also needed to be a leader. So be patient. We have seniors and we learn from seniors. Learn from their good work. And most importantly learn from their mistakes.

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara.

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McBudu said...

I fully agree with you. Experience cannot be bought by big bucks. Unlike politics, football needs time to acquire skills, teamwork and co-ordinations. Instant mee concept may be adopted in politics but not in sports. Mind you, instant noodles only good when it’s hot, but taste awful if left cold. And it does contain lot of MSG which is harmful to human beings! It applies to both sports and politics!