Friday, February 27, 2009

Herald Allowed To Use Allah

I do not see Karpal being surrounded by thugs as a serious problem this week. Karpal himself was asking for it for using the word "celaka" and accusing UMNO youth of sending him the bullets without evidence. And since nothing had happened, it was still a good entertainment for Malaysians who love Akademi Fantasia and other reality TV shows. Same goes to Eli Wong naked pictures. I feel for her actually but you can't be that foolish enough to let your boyfriend have your body where you know he can leave you anytime.
"It's like free sex!" claimed a friend in my college days the reason for having relationships.
Marriage is more legitimate and Halal and I bet other religions are against sex before marriage as well.
So I guess the people enjoyed the scenes. But I am not fazed.
Anyway, in a more serious matter, Herald was allowed to use the word Allah in their publishings.
That's it. That's the final straw.
Before that, let me remind you readers that the word Allah is actually God, derived from Arab-Hebrew language. I do not deny that. But I always look at the application perspective.
The only intention this Christian group was sooooooo eager to use Allah in its publishing is to lure the Muslims to convert to Christianity. They have used Lord before and Jesus, nothing has worked. So now rather annoyingly wanting to push for the use of the name Allah.
I don't care if Herald can use the name Allah as long as they must state "For Christians Only", how about we put the name Jesus in our teachings of Nabi Isa and blatantly state that Jesus is not God, Jesus was human, Jesus could feel pain, Jesus was not crucified and all, but we are actually referring to Nabi Isa, will the Christians be fine with that?
We have a weak leadership! What happens to our country now is simply because of trying to please everyone attitude.
Some idealists, be it bloggers or defacto leaders, want to please everyone and I bet that is not practical. I was accused of being a MALAY ULTRA many times but they simply forgot that I am a practical man and always want to avoid conflicts in the future. We do not want to take risks to change everything in a sudden that will only anger people!
I am not ULTRAMAN as well as I do not expect people to absorb whatever I said but let us all be realistic. A muslim politician can say that Islam does not condone racial discrimination which is sooo true. But at this point, I am with the UiTM guy from Shauqi's blog. Not because I am an Ultra Malays like the guy is posing, I am simply being realistic. You Malays are still faaaaaarr behind economically. You Malays do not seize the opportunities being given to you to improvise yourself.
So don't blame the system. If we were to have equality today, it's like a time bomb in the next 15 years when the Malays finally realise they won NOTHING. I am pessimistic that the Malays will work hard now like the Chinese after being pampered, but I also do not believe they will change OVERNIGHT.
I feel like swearing now you know...
Lets go back to the system, minus the corruptions and mis-use of power. In their manifesto, PKR did say they are keeping the Perlambagaan but you know it's just politics.
If you ask me who will benefit NEP? The Malays? Not soo much. People with money of course. With NEP, the government injects more money so that people can get projects. So what's the difference?
This is confirmed by a Chinese partner of ours as he sees nothing wrong with NEP as long as he is still in business. So you readers must not just read the blogs and papers. Be in the industry now only you know the reality.
Sadly, most people do not know the reality and the practicality. They are like emotional cows (not Khalid's story here), gazing on the grass and roots of controversies, feeding on them and mooing spreading the lies and half-truths everywhere around the world.
Utusan Malaysia? You are worse than Utusan Malaysia, not even near Bi-POP!

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