Friday, February 06, 2009

Over-dramatization of Kataks

1. A frog or katak in Bahasa, is a simple species feeding on insects and vegetation.
2. It hops from one place to another using its powerful hind legs instead of walking like most animals do.
3. Human beings however, are very intelligent creatures and love to imitate their surroundings to make their lives easier.
4. Many months ago, they learn how to hop like kataks. Led by their leader namely Mr. An-us they came knocking on Mr. Slow-Mo's door claiming that they have the numbers to form a new government.
5. Mr. Slow-Mo refused to meet them, asking Mr. An-us to provide the names of the kataks.
6. Mr An-us claimed they would form a new government no matter what in Sept 16, marking the country's formation of the new federation.
7. September 16 did past, nothing happened. Mr. An-us reiterated his desire to let the kataks hop to his side... later on the September 24th... nothing happened too.
8. "End of the year!! The kataks will be hopping to the good side!" Mr. An-us boastfully claimed, disregarding the constituency and unethical conducts of party hopping. The new year has past, nothing happened.
9. Despite being accused of committing unnatural sex with a katak jambu, Mr. An-us braved the wave to ensure the people that justice will prevail, the rakyat will have a fair and just government, a country for all.
10. Then at the end of January, Mr. An-us publicly accepted Katak Double and was very proud of the move. Katak Double won his seat in a state called Perak under Mr. Slow-Mo's party but without the consent of rakyat, he hopped to the other side, learning how to hop from Mr. An-us who organises party-hopping class every Saturday, 10. a.m till midnight since April 2008.
11. With incentives such as insects and more insects or probably katak jambus as well, Katak Double spoke of the great idealism of Mr. An-us's party and his leadership quality. Mr. An-us's partner, Mr. Kapal Api never agrees on this idea of party hopping, the only one of his comrades.
12. Few days after that, Mr. Slow-Mo's deputy, Mr. Ka-Ching took over presidency of the state's opposition party. Later, he announced three of Mr. An-us's party leaders had quit the party and become Katak Merdekas. "I am a free man now." claimed one who is still being charged of accepting sedekah from China Dolls.
13. Free? Ada banyak makna tu...
14. Mr. Slow-Mo's party, led by Mr. Ka-Ching, claimed victory and want to form a new state government in Perak because the three Katak Merdekas are giving full support to his party.
15. Mr. An-us couldn't believe his teachings of the art of party hopping have been leaked to irresponsible parties and are being manipulated to destroy him and his party. He fell trap into his own strategy but found out there are still ways to regain the state.
16. "Meet the Sultan. He will be on our side. Our government is just and fair. We are not corrupted leaders. We are super-duper clean, the Sultan loves us." Mr. An-Us told Mr. Bon-bon, the current leader for the state government.
17. Mr. Bon-bon went to meet the Sultan in his black Ronnie to ask the monarch to dissolve the state government for a fresh election. Mr. Ka-Ching later went to meet the Sultan to inform him that he has the numbers to form a new government (ring a bell?). The Sultan rejected Mr. Bon-bon's appeal and upheld the new government to be formed.
18. Mr. Ka-Ching has done something that Mr. An-us has been trying to do for almost a year. Some emo rakyat stepped on Mr. Ka-Ching's poster but nobody said nothing when Mr. An-us said many times of taking over the government in similar fashion.
19. Mr. Bon-bon couldn't hold back his tears when he thought the Sultan would be on their side. Sobbing, he now wants to sue the Sultan after politely asking the Sultan to review His Majesty's decision. The Sultan has spoken, the new leader has sworn on the oath to take over the state government with the majesty's consent. Clearly, the Sultan dislikes the former government under Mr. Bon-Bon. The civil servants, especially the SUK Mr. Remmy, also indicates how he detest the former government.
20. Being consistent, Mr. Kapal Api disagrees on the manner the government has been taken over. Mr. An-us now thinks he could become the author of his own demise. His major plan was copied by others. He regrets the day he started the party-hopping class and there's no way his supporters can say what Mr. Slow-Mo's party is doing is wrong when their own leader actually came out with that 'brilliant' but unethical idea.
21. Me, I will laugh at the faces of Mr. An-us supporters if they claimed that what the other party is doing is morally, ethically wrong and against the law when they forgot to say the same to their leader many months before (except Mr. Kapal Api, he said it, I read it).
22. Again, I do not condone party hopping as it is not ethical but someone told me about the Westminster's way of doing it and I hope he stands by what he said until today.

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pedu said...

Nice touch brotha...I cant believe that Mr.Bon-bon (I like the name) is still saying that he's the MB.Mr An-us and Kapal Api are already becoming penderhaka. Mr.Bon-bon altho he's a chartered engineer,can't see that he's a pond being sacrificed by a soon to die Kapal Api and the not so clever Mr.An-nus..Mr.An-nus is certainly feling d heat!