Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Uncle Nasa kembali

The last two posts are about Uncle Nasarudin Hashim. As I was sleeping during the day I was shocked to hear how he has returned to UMNO and Barisan Nasional stating 'making sacrifices'.
BN now has 28, PR has 28 and Independant 3.
The last time I heard such that "we have the numbers to form a new government" was from Anwar Ibrahim, who was labelled as the King of Frogs by Koh Tsu Koon.
Just about 2 minutes ago, I read on Thestar Online that it came from his fiercest rival Najib Tun Razak, and he wasn't talking about the big one, but a smaller avenue called Kerajaan Perak.
It's been a torrid time for Nizar these past few weeks, being the MB of Perak.
The talk about defections emerged about a month after the General Election 2008 in March. Anwar has stated how he will 'invite' (no money, positions up front as he claimed) many BN MPs to cross-over to a face-lifted Barisan Alternatif, namely Pakatan Rakyat. Others, are claimed to cross-over voluntarily which I thought was rubbish in this modern world.
I have repeatedly said I am against defections be it from the Pakatan or Barisan and will stand by that statement. A by-election is more appropriate for a State seat being vacated.
It is sad the leaders take more time on the big issue while ignoring the need of the rakyat. Shame on the rakyat who didn't choose their candidates wisely in the State election. I bet some promises made during GE2008 are still stalling.
Well this is what you got for not having a party with 2 3rd majority, a weak government.
Now in Perak both PR and BN are locked at 28 with the 3 Independants claiming to be BN-friendly.
I wonder what sort of government do we have here in Perak. Rojak?


Jih Ying 致颖 said...

As a half Perakian (since I live at the border and schooled in Parit Buntar, Perak most of my life), I'm quite disappointed with all the kataks. The 2 PKR ADUN who are defecting are probably trying to save their skin as they are getting charged for corruption. How can BN stoop so low to accept tainted politicians? Defection strategy from both sides are sickening. How are we going to have politicians who can stand up for the people?

I hope Sultan Azlan Shah will make the decision in the interest of all Perakians.

Jeg said...

I have lived in Taiping since 1984 to 1994 and I still remember how peaceful and calm Perak was.

My father was with the Kerajaan Perak as a civil servant. I had the chance to know some people among my father's colleagues and I think they are very nice people, happy with their work, and the political mood was of a high standard.

Nowadays Perak has been so kucar-kacir. Pakatan urges for having a good mix of Excos from different ethnics but that was not the case here as Nizar, Zainudin, Jamaludin and Osman were the only Malays in the lineup. The 2 Sivas made up as the other Non-Chinese. The rest (7 of them) are Chinese plus Jamaludin and Osman were being shunned for an alleged corruption case.

This is not the right mix for Perak which has more Malays. Not a good impression for the so-called "Malaysia is for all" attitude.

Then the case of Camrys which I mentioned earlier. Before that, the case of issuance of lands. Later, state projects being put on hold. Also, the Ngeh-Nga cousins dominance has upset Hee as well. Obviously the Perak Government ran the State like a headless chicken.

Again the only state which is doing a good job is Penang. Everything goes back to the leadership. Nizar was like a Raja Boneka as people perceived. Kedah is having some cock ups as well as somebody was caught with his pants down. Selangor is still quarelling with that nobody Khir Toyo when they are supposed to carry out the work for rakyat.

I love froggies. They are cute. But adults in froggy suits? They are not even sexy for the homos. As long as they are not SB. He bends over for everything that moves!

For the record, the JOHNs (Jamaludin-Osman-Hee-Nasa) have pledged their support for Barisan.

JOH stayed as independants, for now. Nasa returns to UMNO. To be fair for them, you cannot call the JOHN as frogs atleast not yet.

Uncle Nasa simply had a second thought.


With this, can a new government be set as there is still no majority?

Jih Ying 致颖 said...

I'm not sure how JOHNs can stay as independents, at the same time pledege their support to BN? I'm not convinced they can be called 'independent'.

Now that the dust has settled, we see these 3 individuals changing the government voted in by the people. Doesn't feel right from the neutral perspective. Most people may have voted along party line during the election.

As for the race composition argument, I still think that it should not be an important factor as we should learn to be color blind and live as Malaysians. Having said that I know such bigotary mentality difficult to be rid off within most Malaysians.

If one were to follow the race argument, the BN ADUNs are also very lopsided as all of them except for 2 are from UMNO, hence also not representative of the population of Perak which has quite a high percentage of Chinese.

I hope the new BN government will learn their lesson and avoid excessive corruption. The main reason for 308 is because many are sick of UMNO politicians bermaharajalela and robbing the people. It is difficult to imagine that no money is involved (according to Najib) in this defection as well. Furthermore, BN accepted two corrupted PKR ADUNs as their strategy to overthrow the Pakatan government. We can assume that both of them will not have to worry about their corruption charges anymore.

There are also plenty of rumours about millions waiting for Pakatan ADUNs to defect in Kedah. Not surprised if another turmoil is just around the corner.

Since 308, both Pakatan and BN have failed the people as politics, party and personal interest has taken centre stage at the expense of the people.

Anyway, I'll be back to Parit Buntar in a few weeks' time to visit my parents. My dad is also a government servant - retired HM. Wonder how much things have changed since I haven't been back for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

For me, Camry is a non-issue. Just because the mainstream media makes it an issue, doesn't mean that it is a real issue. A few states have the same view that Perdana's maintenance cost much more than Camry's (Terengganu, a BN state, included). So, we need to check further on that matter, especially on the facts and figures.

I agree that the PR Perak exco doesn't reflect the true composition of racial distribution of the state. Within PR Perak however, this is understandable since there is not enough qualified Malay representatives who won their seats. Furthermore, DAP, had to be given the majority of the exco seats since they have the biggest representation in Perak PR.

As long as PR Perak does not have a bigger Malay representation, their government will not be stable one.

On the flipside, the Perak BN's government need to look into the under-representation of non-Malays in their new exco.

They might not want to alienate the non-Malays, as these constituents might again vote for PR in the next election.

If that happens, we will be back to square one. Most Malay-majority seats will vote BN (UMNO), some Malay-majority seats will vote for PAS, mixed seats will go to PKR, and non-Malay-majority seats will go to DAP.

Unless there is a break through by PR into the Malay heartland, or BN winning back the non-Malays' heart, Perak will stay a 'rencam' state!

halidaf said...

this latest headline is a real shocker to me
"Muhammad Nizar akan saman Sultan Perak"
and the statement was given by Karpal Singh