Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There will be blood...

Yesterday I had the chance to watch half of the movie There Will Be Blood on Astro. I must say Daniel Day-Lewis did a tremendous job as an embittered, wily old oilman Daniel Plainview. Daniel (the actor) did win some awards for his performance.
The quote "Bastard in a basket" was downright hilarious but I bet it will stay on Daniel's fans for a long time with another quote "I drink your milkshake!".
People tend to love the same personalities shown by famous people that they have and since idolise them. I am a fan of Tourette's Guy (no offence to people who have this syndrome) probably because he swears a lot! I do swear (a lot) when I get angry and if I had a video of myself I would probably laugh my ass of for they way I behave when I get angry.
"**** ****!!!"
Daniel Plainview reminds of me sometimes. The way he gets even with Eli was spot on although it is a bit too much to kill another man. But the way he mocks Eli... of gods and gospels... Hahaha!
I also used to think I do play football like Overmars although I am far far from his world-class abilities. Maybe a bit of his resemblance made me a self-proclaimed non-flying Dutchman. Ptuih.
I should make videos of myself when I get angry the next time. Should be a good compilation at least I think so.

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Iko said...

i have a video of you angry. wanna see?

here's a tribute song for the delicious succulent grouper fish at minmax:

super grouper taste are gonna haunt me,
but i wont feel blue,
like i always do,
coz one day i will eat you soon.