Friday, February 13, 2009

Detain Sisters In Islam under ISA

'Review Muslim inheritance law' By : June Ramli (My comments in bold)

KUALA LUMPUR: The rules of inheritance for women through the Faraid system must be reviewed and changed, says Cassandra Bal-chin, a freelance researcher, writer and human rights advocacy trainer.

Who are you to say we need to change the rule of Allah? An Islamic cleric? A mufti? Imam Mahdi? Musailamatul-Kazzaab? The Most Powerful Most Knowledgeable Goddess??


"Right now, the rules of inheritance are outdated because they are interpreted according to historical context," Balchin, a Muslim convert, told the New Straits Times yesterday.Under the Faraid system, Muslim women get a smaller share of property than Muslim men because of their gender. "This does not reflect the reality of the situation. "These laws were made at a different time for a different society. Things have changed since.

Historical context? Quran is outdated and lame? Is that what you Mualaf is trying to convince us Muslims? (Who obviously know things better about Islam than you do). I don't care if your body odour smells bacin-bacin, Miss Balchin but Islam does not discriminate you for that, or for your gender. The reason why Faraid favours the guys is simply the guys are usually the leaders of the family and they need to support the family. (nafkah). I thought many of you ladies agree with that so that you can save a lot for shopping!

"Your money is my money, my money is my money," said most girls. Equality my hairy butt!

"Syariah is a principle and not law and the law needs to be changed according to the circumstances because it's discriminative against Muslim women.

Do you have a better law? Your puny civil law? Human-made law? A killer would have the chance to run away before a warrant can be issued and you're saying your law is perfect? And look what human law has got us into?

"She also said that it was high time for Muslim women and men to be seen as equals.

You know why women cannot be men? Try walking around your neighbourhood with only your kain pelikat on. No cheating ok? Topless!

"There are many laws and practices that are negative towards Muslim women but we want to change that because we feel that there is plenty of space in Islam for them to get a better deal and, most importantly, for equality of men and women."

Stop talking about equality when you actually want more than us men need. We have boys schools you women want girls schools! If you are so into equality, why not open co-ed schools to give us boys something to think about.

"Your money is my money, my money is my money,"

Balchin, who is a founding member of the Musawah planning committee, is here for a five-day Musawah meeting which begins today.Musawah brings scholars and activists to support and promote equality and justice among Muslim families.

There is always equality among Muslim men and women. I really think it's being blown out of proportion when people see Islam as being discriminative against women.

Try Christianity - "women are supposed to feel the pain of PMS and giving birth because of the sins that women bring into this world"
But noone said anything about Christianity being gender-biased?

It is organised by Sisters in Islam and will see some 200 Muslim scholars and activists from 40 countries discussing reforms on laws that affect the lives of Muslim families worldwide.

So this will surely cause unrest among the moderate Muslims in Malaysia and this extremist group called Sisters in Islam should be detained under ISA for ridiculing the words of Allah and Quran and therefore causing religious uproar in Malaysia.

"Your money is my money, my money is my money,"



Anonymous said...

I think the best way for you to counter her arguments is by giving constructive arguments on your side.

Not through cycnical and emotional comments, which might turn people off from listening to you.

You might not be a mufti, cleric or scholar, but I'm sure you can make a mualaf understand the core values of Islam??

Jeg said...

I take Mr Anon's criticism with a chin but your suggestion will only make me, not me.

I am happy to hear Pemuda PAS and Persatuan Ulama PP agree with me regarding this 5=day event organised by SIS.

syauqi_x said...

u'r right jeg,

ade sorang bdk ppuan ni yang suke ungkit pasal gender equality, ade skali tu mase kitorang kene angkat barang berat nak pindah, die xleh angkat satu kotak besar,last2 mintak tolong aku gak...aku lalu je sambil kate, "angkat sendiri, gender equality, aku leh angkat, ko pun sure leh angkat"


of course i was being ridiculous, and so are they now...

i mean, this whole notion of gender equality is just retarded...simply because it's tempered with another hyper retarded concept, feminism..

what kind of equality are they actually asking?

do they mean every single thing must be equal equal, or you-can-do-that,-i-oso-can-do-that equal?

if that's the case, i pity them very much...

go find your own planet sista!

Jeg said...

I heard RPK was detained for his blog having so many derogative comments towards Muhammad and sadly I do not condone this arrest but feel ashamed as a fellow Muslim, I was hoping RPK deleted/rejected all this comments in which he failed to do.

Then came 'blog hina nabi Adibah Ahmad' which in the end turned out to be a blackmail and personal instead of intentionally trying to cause national uproar.

I may not be a good Muslim but I think to ridicule one's religion is just over the limit. To ridicule own's religion notably from Zina Daman, Sisters in Islam, AL-Qaeda, Osama Laden and Miss Balchin is quite overwhelming!

walski69 said...

Peace be upon you...

First off, do you know enough about Sisters In Islam to label them as an extremist group? Or are you basing your judgment on hearsay from others?

Second, isn't it ironic that you call the invocation of the ISA, a law that is far from Islamic? In Islam, the accused is given the opportunity to face their accuser in court - the ISA removes this important aspect of justice altogether. Use it to protect Islam? C'mon...

When it comes to the so-called "Shariah Laws", do you know that every region has its own version, and there is no such thing as uniform codified set of laws? The Shariah Laws, my friend, are as man-made as any laws. Granted, they are based on the Quran, but in most cases only very loosely.

When it comes to Faraid Laws (Inheritance Laws), the Quran does provide clear guidelines. In all the verses that talk about inheritance distribution, there are two overriding conditions: that the deceased's debts are paid of, and that the will of the deceased is faithfully executed.

Now, in Malaysia, we have a big problem: a Muslim's will can only account for one-third of his/her estate. Where in the Quran does it state this? Don't trouble yourself to search, because it's nowhere stated in the good book.

In this case alone, the established Faraid (as far as Malaysia is concerned) already contravenes what's stated in the Quran, where a will is strongly urged, and overrides the distribution guidelines.

I urge you to find out and learn more about something before you parrot others and start condemning.

Just because Pemuda PAS agree with the Persatuan Ulama PP (and thus claim to represent the "majority") doesn't mean they're right.

Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie.
Quran - surah 6, verse 116 (Yusuf Ali translation)

"common run of those on earth" - an old fashion way of saying 'majority'


p.s. I'm a fan of Coldplay, too ;-)

Anonymous said...

of course there is no such thing as gender equality. humans were built men and women for a reason. i;m a female and i do admit that both men and women have their strengths and weaknesses.

btw, just because a woman asks her husband for some help in the kitchen and with the children doesn't mean she demands gender equality. it just means that she's tired from a hard days work and some helping hand from the beloved husband would be nice..

and i would still expect chivalry from men out there. help with heavy stuff, drive us around or be the driver and send us back safely home. after all, we do our best to cook a nice meal for u dont we? do the laundry and bear your children for you.

i think all men and women out there would agree when i say men need women just as much as women need men. so why want to squabble over gender equality? i'm contented enough being a woman.

Jeg said...

Thanks for the comments walski69 and Anonymous,

Very constructive and level-headed.

Anonymous, yes men should help out their wives at the kitchen sometimes I do find it very sexy to be honest.

I know some of SIS's works are worthwhile but their mentality of being secular is simply against Islam. Every good things you do, you do it for Allah am I right?

What I know about inheritance law is that (like walski69 has said), after the deceased's debt and will beforehand have been settled, then only the Faraid System can be enforced.

I happened to hear on national radio about a woman complaining how she missed out on most of the inheritance due to Faraid Law, while her brothers who didn't care at all about the deceased father's well being got somewhat more. If so happened that the deceased had the chance to write down his will that most of his belongings should be with the woman, then, no one should argue regarding faraid law. Muslims, particularly in Malaysia do not realise this and it's advisable that you write down your will when you had the chance and make it legitimate through Amanah Raya.

The problems with inheritance for Malaysian Muslims are actually avoidable through writing your will or even dividing the assets before you won't be able to do so and conflicts can be prevented then.

Again, the logic of women being given less than the men in islamic inheritance law (faraid) is simply that men are usually the head of family and they need to support the women and children and thus requiring more.

I had the chance to watch Geng and I recommend it to all readers. Apoligies for mega-typos and all... Mengantuk already. Goodnite.

Hilmi Ramlan said...

hahaahaha jeg.. pretty interesting.. and i actually agree with you..

covering it from the surface.. first off, to say the Quran 'old' and have to 'edit edit'.. come on.. that's breaking even the FIRST rule of the quran! hahaha..

simplicity but put in such a traumatizing situation. that is what's happening in Malaysia :)

Think said...

I really like that YOUR only critic is based on your own male presumptions about women, and not reality: "Your money is my money, my money is". You respond to the critic by using human - male- opitions about women. Your´e just a biggot, not following "islam".

If we take a look at science, we know that the money women gain they don´t mostly spend on themselves, like men do on their own interests, but on others and on the family. This is why there has developed certain systems for aid, that specifically aim at women with effect that the hole family and community benefits from giving women money, in for example africa.

The principle for islam is to help and heal the community and society, not givining men more money, which is the effect in most cases.

Anonymous said...

Hi syauqi_x,

u said
"ade sorang bdk ppuan ni yang suke ungkit pasal gender equality, ade skali tu mase kitorang kene angkat barang berat nak pindah, die xleh angkat satu kotak besar,last2 mintak tolong aku gak...aku lalu je sambil kate, "angkat sendiri, gender equality, aku leh angkat, ko pun sure leh angkat"

are u saying that people with inferior physical abilities don't deserve the right to be treated equal???i hope u understand what you are saying...

Anonymous said...

OMG.. what does lifting a box have to do with gender equality? Do you even understand the meaning of it? Anyway, gender inequality exists in many cultures and religions. I certainly don't think that Islam is sexist, but it is obvious that patriarchal systems in general tend to undermine women. Lets focus on women who are really suffering out there, try to understand what they have to go through and endure. Also, please don't think of all women as "my money is your money" or whatever it is you said.. you are just propagating sexism and misogyny. What's Islamic about that?

Jeg said...

you are right about how we can focus on helping the women... but why can't we help the men, we need help too! and you are talking about equality?

if a woman needs help, of course we must do everything to help her out. but it must be in the scope of Islam.. beyond that, we can't really do anything about it.

i am not generalising on the women.. but some really go overboard about bringing liberalisation in ISLAM, as if it is not good enough for us, as if Quraan is outdated and need reformation.

SIS talks about reform on fatwas and sharia laws and this is somewhat against the real principles of Islam.

That is simply why I want them banned, detained or whatever to close them down.

Freedom of speech? Yes, as long as you don't tell lies and cause anger among the people of various groups.

I also think there is a need to check on whether the JAKIM is doing a good job, in accordance to islam. So you should write to them, not make public about your ideologies which some are clearly against islam.

Don't blame Islam, blame the people who misinterpret it. islam has never been wrong at the first place. blame the authority working out on the islamic laws, they could be wrong too, because they are human beings. Al-insan.. which means the forgetful. We humans forget things.

Don't blame Islam. Blame Al-Qaeda for the deadly bombings, beheadings of civillians. Al-Qaeda is against Islam. If you get what I mean, what SIS can do is not to change the Quraan or hadiths, by twisting it with current reality.


THE CURRENT REALITY IS NOT 100% RIGHT. Although it seems right, but it is NOT.

Allah be praised.

Hazriq said...

You wrote:

"Who are you to say we need to change the rule of Allah? "

My dear boy analyst, analyze this;

Who are the Ulama' to say that this and that is the rule of Allah?

Here, do yourself a favour and analyze this SIS??

Before you leave dumb comment on her blog, beware, she's not a dumbo...

Hazriq said...

You wrote:

"Who are you to say we need to change the rule of Allah? "

My dear boy analyst, analyze this;

Who are the Ulama' to say that this and that is the rule of Allah?

Here, do yourself a favour and analyze this :

Before you leave dumb comment on her blog, beware, she's not a dumbo...

Jeg said...

Dear All,

Please give Hazriq a round of applause. He is not dumb, and if you are single (men and women. Yes, MEN!), Hazriq is your man because his comments are NEVER dumb and he is the saviour of WOMEN and a bit better than GOD HIMSELF.

So, it's the rarest opportunity to MARRY and live forever the 'NEW GOD' Hazriq (presumably a Malay, he will defy RM16500, 10 years of jail and 6 strokes of the ratan for becoming the 'new God').

Rasul Melayu?

We easily have Tuhan Melayu named Hazriq now according to his recent comments.

Anonymous said...

I think SIS should do a deep research in Qur'an and Hadith without emotions to insure what they are doing right,but most of all.... if SIS have a powerful person in it's organization it doesn't mean what they are doing right,whether what they think about or defending about,they should do research more deeper than using their feeling and ignorance..By the way..your opinion is great and helped me a lot in understanding the diffrence...Thank You !

Jeg said...


Alhamdulillah you're able to see what is right and wrong about Islam.

Btw, I know this article could leave a bad taste, it was written as a way to provoke the minds of the people.

Surely there's a less aggressive way. A bit of humour wouldn't hurt.

It doesn't matter if there are power people in SIS.

Despair not, because Allah will always be with us who uphold His words that is the Quraan.

Salamu alaikum.

sad_muslim said...

I feel very sad when reading about SIS's statement. I think, instead of trying to change the law, they should concentrate on how to solve social problem among youngsters. I've seen many of my friends, boys and girls, who've done very bad things such as 'zina' and 'consume alcohol'. It's like 'zina' and 'alcohol' is part of the Islam. This is ridiculous. Who's to be blamed? Law? RM1000 to RM3000 for 'syariah' criminals? How much is the value of RM3000 now? It's just a small amount of money compared to the punishment that will be given during judgement day.

About 'faraid' and inheritence? That shouldn't be a problem because nowadays men and women have jobs. Instead of relying inherited property, why not work harder to improve the life?

Well, I think even if few more agencies like this exist in Malaysia, social problems among Muslim will never be solved. Equality between men and women (which I think no longer exist), will not ensure that we are faithful Muslims.

p/s: Too bad SIS's website does not allow user comment, if it does, this comment will surely be placed there.

Jeg said...

do not be sad. do not despair.

SIS does NOT represent Muslim women as a whole. They only represent the so called 'elites', liberal Muslimah and although they have the advantage from the media and government (since members have direct contact to officials), that doesn't mean the real Muslimahs should back down and despair.

I would like to see real Muslimahs coming out and start an organisation to protect the Malaysian Muslimahs in accordance to the Al-Quraan and Sunnah. I know they already have a few of them but my support is for them.

traveller said...


Thank you for everything

Yes, SIS will never be the representative of muslim women and yes, there are these muslimah organization that are trying their level best to improve the knowledge of muslim women in this deen.

Let us pray that Allah open the heart of our fellow muslim sisters to understand and follow the Quran & the sunnah and let us live, die and go to jannah in iman.

At the same time, this effort of providing knowledge of this beautiful deen needs prayers & support from fellow muslims.

It is sad enough that we are facing mockeries/oppression/tortures from people who are not happy with the muslims, but it is heartbreaking to see fellow muslimahs trying to evoke anger amongst her fellow muslims.

May Allah forgive us and grant us jannah...Ameen