Monday, March 09, 2009


On Tree of Democracy...
First of, do the rakyat as a whole in Perak would agree to this "Pakatan-only State Assembly"? I'm sure most Chinese and Indians in Perak would but most Malays in Perak are unhappy with the way Pakatan Rakyat went against the wishes of Sultan although it seems His Highness' decision was a bit hasty. However, there are still many Malays who believe in the Sultan. I quote the words of makcik-makcik, "Makin naik tocang aku tengok diorang ni menyesal aku pangkah DAP sampai Sultan aku depa nak pijak?" Don't destroy the tree as it did nothing wrong but let me ask you again, if Pakatan doesn't mind taking over a government through defections, why so angry now? Move on! Look forward! Next GE is only few years shy away! Your leader shouldn't have agreed to defections in the first place so that you guys don't look like hypocrites now!

Dissolve the Assembly, fresh elections for Perak?
No. I disagree. Campaigns need money. And the current economic situation doesn't help. I don't agree with defections either but it has happened now and the current constitution allows it. Pakatan Leaders (except Karpal Singh) agree with it. I really hope this craze for power can be stopped now so that both sides can concentrate on improving the economy. I am pessimistic both will follow this suggestion as they are like cats and dogs. In your dreams-lah these people are fighting their hearts out for the rakyat.

On teaching Science and Maths in English...
It's a non-issue. The funny thing is, the Malays are the majority who are against PPSMI but many of them are still struggling with English. I really think this should not be a problem if the students will be given a choice to answer in English or Bahasa Malaysia. "Cakap Inggeris pun tergagap-gagap macam mana aku nak employ budak Melayu ni masuk company aku?" quoted our neighbour. I wonder who are behind this emotional gathering to abolish PPSMI. So not progressive and lack vision.

On Kugan's second post-mortem...
Please put these cops behind bars. The doctor who did the first post-mortem too. However, I understand why cops had to use alternative ways to make suspects reveal things but takkan lah sampai mati?

On my confidence with Pakatan Rakyat...
It's not totally lost. But after one year, they have shown potentially hazardous ways of thinking. Firstly they dissappointed the rakyat with the defections agenda and power craze where they should concentrate on serving the rakyat as promised. They have shown traits of a populist government in many national issues. The fatwas on yoga, non of them has come to defend the Majlis Fatwa. Sedekah daging korban pun nak bagi kroni. The Camry issue. Going against PPSMI and defending vernacular schools despite them proposing Malaysians' Malaysia. Pakatan won the people through Politik Kontroversi but it's not going to help all the time. People can be sick of street demos or lies from the blogs in the long run. For me, Pakatan Rakyat is just another political party. We can't find many sincere politicians anymore these days. From Pakatan I can name a few (Guan Eng and Nik) but I do hope they stay the same for the years to come. That is why my confidence on this shadow government is not totally lost although I don't think their current leader is a sincere one. Too many skeletons in the closet to start with... (when he was both in UMNO and PKR)... and I will stop there, for the moment.

On strict regulations by the UK Border agency...
I saw their advert on The Star today it seems that they are not showing any mercy towards Malaysians already. So please don't "play-play" with them. A friend of mine was banned for entry into the UK for 5 years and it was not even her mistake for not being able to declare some incidents. The current online system is dodgy, she claimed. So don't "play-play" ar... there is always the right channel.
On Khairy's interview with Malaysiakini...
He's denying everything the public sees him. Will the public listen to him? No. Will he win the Pemuda UMNO post? I hope not. To save BN, leaders with tainted images must be taken off. And BN must deliver and must not misuse the power through corruption. When they have proven that, then only people can accept BN back. However, can this be done quickly?
Time is running out.


rWeeN said...

my opinion on science and maths in english:
i think it's a good idea to start teaching maths and science in english but the system must be correctly formulated. I think the government should start from standard 1 to standard 3. and they have to employ teachers who are really can teach in english to teach maths and science. jangan tangkap muat je.
Sebab apa? sebab the most important thing is the concept, not the language. The idea and the knowledge should be the priority in the formulation, not only the objective. Ni nak ajar sangat base omputih, last2 pengamiran simple2 pon tak tahu...budak2 plak ilang minat sebab tak paham dari awal. padahal benda senang je.
Bukan nak against the idea of teaching in English but i think we should think how to formulate to make the system better.
lepas darjah satu sampai tiga, pastu baru slowly develop masuk dalam darjah 4 sampai 6. pastu baru betul2 masuk sekolah menengah. yang penting kena tengok progress pelajar-pelajar ni sama ada makin bagus, or makin tak bagus.
Even me, i have to explain some things in Malay not because i dont know how to speak in English but i need the students to understand first before they can explain in English.
And guess what, this is only my opinion...who cares anyway?

Jeg said...

every opinion is important... and it was a very good to point out that we must ensure the students know what they learn in whichever medium so kudos to that.

some might disagree with me complaining that Malay children are finding very difficult to catch up in English. However for me, there's no easy way to success.

I learned French before I thought it was difficult. But I found it very interesting and I excelled. Same goes to the Muslim children who learn Arabic, the toughest language in the world. But still they excelled!

So all this PPSMI demos are totally emotional. We will protect Bahasa forever it wont be gone but think about the future of our children. They need to be competitive!