Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jerk's Birthday at Mr Jeg

First of all I would like to thank all of you who wished me for my 14th (yeah right) birthday yesterday. It came to my surprise how many wishes I got. Quite a number of them. I used to be so particular about people wishing me on my birthday but nowadays I don't really do that anymore. (Jeg, in denial again).

Of course it's nice to know people remember.

I was delighted when quite a number of people turned up at Mr Jerk last night. I didn't really celebrate birthdays but it was nice of you guys to be part of our little gathering really. Before anyone speculate on the choosing of the restaurant based on my name, it was Smoke who came out with the idea. I had no objection whatsoever as it would sound awkward if I demand on things for my birthday bash. That is so not me. We both have great beliefs on the reviews on To date, we haven't been disappointed with the information given to us just yet.

And so there were Smq, Fendy, Ozzy, Waq, Soha, Jas, Yin Tse, Sam and Jeg at Mr Jerk. Others opted for a 'masak-masak' night instead but it was a blessing in disguise. I was fine about their absence because one thing that played in my mind was about Mr Jerk's space. It seemed small in the picture displayed on the web and didn't think it would comfortable for some. I had to disappoint Ozzy breaking the news though. Heheh.

And it was a right choice indeed. The place was quite full and it was a struggle to accommodate all the 10 of us. The prophecy was right! The staff were very-very nice people although Yoi was rather unimpressed with the guy who got our order who tried to be the most gentleman guy. "Let the ladies have the orders first alright.." he said to Ozzy. "It's OK... just get the order... no need to be double standard here" the tired Yoi replied while I think it was cute! Most of us ordered the Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas. They had big portions for the meals and they were very delicious indeed! Another succesful eat out dinner in London.

And as usual we talked about life, work, study and... JPA. The usual conversations. This time, no political issues. It seems we are tired of it while realising that nothing that we can do! Yapping is not gonna change at all. However, as long as we have the awareness of it should be adequate.

Yoi had to go earlier after finishing her food because she wanted to meet Jeff in Reigate. We forgot to take pictures with her and I think it was quite a miss. It was so nice of her to go on a rush hour to join us at Mr Jerk. It was a shame not to have her in.

Istanbul partner in crime Fendy, Jeg and Ozzy (busy bonding)

Ozzy (tempted with my Jerk Chicken), The Sweet Jasveen, Sam the Triple Judas and Shisha Soha.
Non-smoking Smq and another February baby Waq (covering his new hairdo)

"Soon, this Jerk Chicken.. will be mine!!!" Ugly Jeggy showing off his braces.

The lads and Jerk in front of Mr Jeg.

Then we went to get some dessert for the night. But it was full, we would have to wait for half an hour to get a seat in a Gelato's place somewhere Leicester Square. Thus, we decided to go Soha's place to play rounds of poker. We managed to get something to munch on and it was really fun playing poker with your friends. Although they are not playing high stake poker, but still that was not my excuse to get whipped by the promising first timer Fendy. I had two all-ins with only one being successful. The host Soha was pitily eliminated first. We even offered her some chips to stay in the game but the ever professional Soha opted watching the tele. Never mind Soha, there will be another day.

Jeg: Spit the Plot! Fendy: This is easy meat.. Jas: It's Split the Pot! Jeg: No, I really wanted to spit (cover balok)

Sam: Gimme the chips already! Waq: Hi Mom! I'm playing poker! Soha: ....

Soha: I raise! (again) Smq: I fold... (again.. and again)

The night didn't finish there. Fit joined the Neasden tribe with Waq and Fendy for a Poker night. (Finally). But the strong at heart Sam had to pass. He was going to have some sorta group discussion this morning. For the third time, he rejected us. But I can understand. He's too chicken to go all in. Sorry I PURPOSELY forgot your chicken legs you asked me to buy. Haha!

(Note: this is a direct provocation to Sam so that he will finally conceding to stay over for a high stake poker night in Neasden and no I didn't delibrately forget his chicken legs).

We finished the game at about 7 a.m. I had to sleep after a 4-round of Pro Evo6 with Fendy. He and Waq left early this morning. I woke up at 12.30pm in time for the Manchester Utd's lucky win over Fulham. I wouldn't settle for a Chelsea triumphant on the premiership for the third time in a row anyway!


"Spit the plot" Jeg-ass way of miss-pronunciating Spit the Plot. Damn, he did it again! It's Spit the Plot! Say it! Spit the Plot! Ohh shoooooot...

"What's wrong with that guy," a friend reporting on a conversation between former senior schoolmates about me. Ah, it's a fair battle. I talk about you two all the time as well although it's kinda stupid to 'rekindle' old memories.

"It's sickening when you sing the praises for a changed man only to realise he doesn't say nice things about you, although you have changed yourself." - Jeg, feeling disappointed, reacting to the report.

"We share the same birthday!" Dug's eternal love Yunni msn-ing about the coincidence.

"Banyak-banyak pon duit dia yang banyak!" Smq ticking off the underperformed Jeg in a poker round in which Jeg won the pot. It's true though! Haha.

There's a quote by Fit adding up the spice to THAT moment. But I really forgot what he said. Something like 'Smq blasts off Jeg'. Mat tambah ni.... Haha.

I really had fun yesterday! But I have to start studying. Now lets not forget this sweet memory. Good things are to be cherish. Bad things should be forgotten and perished (this is not the case for most, common people. And we are not common people. Atleast I know I'm not.)


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