Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weakened in a weekend

This morning I had my first kick on football since arriving here. Obviously, it would be foolish if I went on robust and pushed myself to the limits because I knew I was not as fit as Fit. Other players include Smq, Husni and Malaysians working in London. Yeah, they are like 5 years older but still I had realised 'I am not that young' (Wedding Crashers-John).

The four of us had a go on a 'merry-go-round @ tawaf wida' before reaching the Regent's Park football field and had the locals laughing and giggling at our lack of Geographical knowledge.
"This is like one of the reasons why we invaded you Malaysians for more than a century. You simply can't think!" an imaginary local 'penjajah' barked. It was a moment of 'grand' as we all call it!

I wasn't happy with my performance. I am lacking match practice. The last time I played futsal was when I played with the PNB guys where I scored ** goals. (note the double figure. Gila bongkak riak bagak). Hahah! Today I only managed to grab one with a volley. I am far far away from match fitness obviously. Yeah I was struggling on the pitch while Fit, Smq and Husni were having fun with their performances. Warwick Games? I expect to play a bit part in the tourney unless I buck up soon.

I was so exhausted/pancit after the game and fell asleep after the Man Utd game, while Smq was busy cooking dinner. Haha! Irresponsible, useless housemate, I am.

Last night I had a dinner with Smq in Satay House. No no we are not turning into the dark, dodgy side by eating together at a semi-posh restaurant but Sam and Fit seemed uninterested with our invitations anymore. Not to sound bitter but it looks like Poker Night is out of sight altogether. Ah, of course I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. Aren't we not 4 Serangkai?

Argh, enough gay bonding fondling because I never want to be part of it (God forbidden), lets talk about what I can say, as the best outing-dinner in London to date. Initially, we went to Liverpool Street after a little research on Malaysian restaurants in London as we decided to go for Ekachai. Prior reaching the destination, we thought we had another option if Ekachai was not the type we were looking for. "Satu wud be the alternative!" I thought, while imagining how posh and cool (and pricy) it was as shown in their website.

As we reached Liverpool St, we couldn't find Ekachai. We even went inside one Japanese restaurant to ask about the direction to Ekachai. Probably a fierce competitor, the petite et belle japonaise confessed she hadn't heard of the name Ekachai or of some sort. Luckily with the help of Sam the Judas, he 'googled' the the address and it is actually situated inside 'Arcade', a bazaar area pathway next to Liverpool street.

Luckily? Nah. Ekachai was closed surprisingly! Come on, close on a Saturday night? And they even boldly shown us they are open all day until 10p.m. We guessed something might had occurred in that area as all the shops inside Arcade were closed. Same goes to Satu. But Satu was closed for good. Shame. Talk about double wammy.

And.... we decided to eat somewhere in Barbican call Tinstel Town. However, since we had it on New Year with Lan and Shu and we already set our minds on something Malaysian, Mawar is the answer. Nooo!! Oh wait. Yesss!! I could pig it on Hot and Spicy Kuew Tiao Goreng and maybe had a revenge on that irresponsible-sonnuvagun waiter. Yeah that should be fun.

Upon hearing my intention, probably that was the reason why Smq suggested on Satay House and of course, he rejected the scenario where Mawar should be our saviour that night. We stopped at Paddington instead and Satay House it was. I had a bad impression on Satay House because of it being 'expensive', according to London students/former students. I would settle for anything under 10 quid.

The atmosphere was a bit for the wags. And of course the waiters/waitresses were polite. Note that I haven't tried the food yet. I ordered something that's quite rare and 100% unable to be prepared at home. The bergedil! Yeah, suddenly I panicked and asked for Nasi Goreng Kampung for the Main Course. I felt I had made a wrong choice.

"Nasi Goreng Kampung... bergedil..." the waitress gently put them on the table. The bergedils were quite huge. And the portion for the nasi goreng was large as well, thus I had to cancel my intention on ordering their specialty menu; satays. I took a bite on the bergedil and suddenly I had a rush of excitement gushing into my brain. The bergedil was fantastic! (seriously, I am not joking or being sarcastic here). And then, the nasi goreng. Even better! Like a food critic, I rambled on the heavenly made food and couldn't stop praising them. I shouted 'Yes' as I realise I can go back home as a full and happy man. A very, very happy man.

People know that it is hard to please/satisfy me. I don't laugh at lame jokes simply to please the lame joker who sometimes happen to be a friend of mine. The bottom line is, it is true that I have an expensive/exotic taste, as suggested by the guy who sold me a souvenir back then in Turkey. But, it really intrigues me when I found something/someone that surprises me.

This is one of them. Satay House is highly recommended. The nasi goreng is priced at 5.90, slightly more expensive than Mawar at 5quid. However, with an extra 90p, I will get greater atmosphere, more portion on the nasi goreng, polite waiters and waitresses, good music and the most important thing, really, really tasty food. I even thought I should take over Satay House one day! I even finished off my bergedil and nasik goreng until the last bit, although I was already full at that time!

It even scared me at one point when I suddenly thought, "oh my God, is this gonna be my last dinner? My very, very last dinner? Why does it taste sooo friggin goood??". Seriously, I was just clueless. I honestly think it is the best Malaysian restaurant in London.

We bid farewell to the pakcik waiter and managed to take a glance at the late-night-shift waitresses who reminded Smq of his childhood girlfriend. "Mungkin tua sket kot" I bluntly said. See, I told you it is hard to satisfy me. Macam lah dia tu handsome sangat.... Jeg being Jeg.

We had a quick journey home in time for Match of the Day. Two happy men returning to Neasden with childhood memories on their mind.

'I like Sofia Jane when I was young as well. For the same particular reason.'

Looks like we share the same taste. The difference is that one of us is already with someone. The highly rated one isn't.

The American Idol Audition: California moved me with a 64-year-old guy entering with a petition signed by a thousand people, in his hand. He sang the song You Belong To Me, a special tribute to his late wife who died of cancer. Together they worked out the petition in order to be tested by the judges before she died only 2 days before the audition.

He bravely sang it out loud, with all his heart:

See the pyramids along the nile,
Watch the sunrise from the tropic isle,
Just remember all the while,
You belong to me.

See the markets place in old Algiers,
Send me photograph and souvenirs,
Just remember when your dream appears,
You belong to me.

Oh I'm so alone without you,
Maybe you'd be lonesome too.

Fly the ocean in the slverplane,
See the jungle when its wet with rain,
Just remember till we're home again,
You belong to me.

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