Friday, November 07, 2008

"Stupid fatwas everywhere"

I am left annoyed with these girls demonstrating as if they understand the religion Islam. They talked about oppressing women, but in Islam, it is clear that boys shouldn't be girls, and girls shouldn't be boys. Islam promotes accepting natural sexual preferences and to encourage that, girls should dress femininely and the boys, masculinely.

They said "Short hair who cares, stupid fatwas everywhere". For a start I love girls with short hair. As long as you don't go baldy-baldy. It's kinda appealing to me. But "stupid fatwas everywhere"??

I am very sure that fatwas are meant for the Muslims to be practiced. These girls are clearly Non-Muslims, and that is fair, but the thing is that though they are not sensitive enough to know how they have provoked Muslims in Malaysia. They got it wrong from the start. The Majlis Fatwa is just reminding the Muslims not to indulge in homosexual activities (which is sick and harram) by coming out with this fatwa.

Thilaga in the video said she has short hair and women like her actually prefer guys! So be it. Noone has a problem with that! The problem is when a tomboy/pengkid, who acts like a tough cookie with hairy legs, involves with homosexual/lesbian activity and this is truly unacceptable in Islam.

Islam is the official religion as stated in the Malaysian constitution. Muslims are still the majority in Malaysia. Ridiculing Islam in this way will spark anger among the Muslims, Malays or not. I am absolutely angry. I know there are some bills passed are weird to me but I don't go call all fatwas stupid or call Buddhism is trash, do I?

For example, Yoga shouldn't be harram. As long as you do it for health. It is suggested solat is a better workout than yoga but for me, there is no big deal with yoga. It's as weird as Sure Heboh is harram that would scare some people a bit. Especially the people, Muslims or not who do not know about Islam and wanna talk cock.

Dina Zaman for example... Thilaga... and Lee Wei San from this video.

What the Majlis Agama should do is be careful when saying out fatwa. They have to educate the people in the correct way. Not simply come out with something which is hard for the society to understand. Or confusing. There is no harm explaining. They can't treat people like herds of cows. Some people need to be told of the reasons. Why this why that?

Haih. I am so ashamed with Malaysia now. We were so peaceful. Now racial tension is at a record high. Social contract is now being put into question. Even Islamic Laws. However it's quite OK-lah since the Muslims do not retaliate in the worst manner. Peaceful rally is OK. MP Zulkifli from PKR was just protecting Islam, his religion. I don't see why he should be under pressure or get the grilling from anyone.

But some so-called leaders should step up a bit. To have control over these things. Where is Pak Lah or even trying-to-please-everyone Anwar Ibrahim, when Islamic Laws are being put into question? Thank God we still have the Sultans.

Some people say Pak Lah is a weak leader. Do you think Anwar is firm? Where is Anwar when social contract was being debated? Or Islamic Laws being questioned by the BAR Council?

What we need is a strong and firm leader. Like Mahathir but minus the corruptions, greed and tyranny. I believe this kind of leader exists. I've met many good people who are also firm with their philosophy, principles and religious belief.

Where is this perfect leader? Go and find.


Anonymous said...

I am really ashamed that Malaysia non-moslem is trying to provoke Muslim Malaysian citizen and interfere with Majlis Fatwa which is the highest constituency to protect the interest of Moslem. I believe Malaysiakini, the producer of this video and persons in the video to apology and please observe and study before anything you want to say about Islam.

Nurshuhada Zainon said...

a very good thought! well done!

Islam inside said...

Hi there...
Second your voices about this matters (over all)..
Non-muslims shouldn't interfere with muslims rules even the rules are made for all beneficence of people especially to all Malaysians.

Just wondering in my tiny mind why are the non-muslims feels like they are involved with the fatwa? Clearly, fatwa institution is for muslims in Malaysia. There are excluding non-muslims but it’s good if they accept it for their own good.

Please stop the racial issues. We’ve been live together peaceful for 50 years old and don’t try to raise-up some kind of problems as happened to other countries.

We are Malaysians, and should proud to be a Malaysians. Peace country, nations and peaceful in life.

And don’t ever and try to start the WAR!

Jeg said...

After the GE Result 2008, the people were misguided by the myth that more people reason voted against the government than before was merely because of the flaw in the system. I really think the many Muslims/Bumiputras voted against the Government because of the corruptions and misuse of power. But the Non-Bumiputras have this kind of thought for a long time already, that the system is flawed. They feel that the shariah law is biased towards Muslims (over 'body-snatching' issues for example) and even the Bumiputra rights are being put into question. In reality, I am sure more Muslims/Bumiputras are not ready to make do without Bumiputra rights or the Syariah Law. (Only the Bumiputras who are already rich and have a decent living might think otherwise. Liberalised, secularised, Westernised Muslims included).

But all in all, some Non-Muslims(Bar Council, Ivy Josiah, Thilaga and friends notably) are misguided by this scenario. Out of anger because of what they think as a injustice being applied in the system, they went to attack the syariah law, and thats why they went on to do these uneducated and emotional demonstrations that could further provoke racial tensions.

Enough babbling, my reminder is just that, you use your brain more rather than emotion. All this crap is avoidable. Please, this is our country, not a stage that can make you a superstar on Malaysiakini.