Monday, November 10, 2008

Kingston Rules Notts Games 2008

We won. Yes, we won! Not Birmingham, not Dublin, not even star-studded UEL.

The Kingston University Football Team won the Notthingam Games Futsal Tournament 2008...

...for the best team spirit.

I don't remember feeling so happy being beaten in all games in a tournament throughout my football life. But to be honest, the feeling is true!

The real Kingstonians were only Shahmir and Arman Zakry, the rest were me, Jason, Hu, (all Cass), Abbas, Izham (both Cardiff), Muza (Bradford) and our aspiring leader Shahrin (Westminster). A make-shift team, it promotes football-loving culture, great team spirit and the main goal is to have fun.

And real fun we had. We were shocked to be pit in our first match against fancied side UEL comprised of Rafie, Taufiq, Herman, Abu (3rd choice keeper) and others I met during the UMNO League last year. The City Bus reached Notts quite late and we had to settle for four players and we conceded only 3 goals in the first half. We were beaten 5-0, something we can be proud about because we were expecting a double digit score from that side.

We went on to frustrate Imperial, UMNO Hull and Liverpool in the later games and how much we enjoyed ourselves on and off the pitch. The atmosphere was wonderful. Thanks to Arin's charm, I couldn't see anyone in our team grumbled for not having the minutes on the pitch. Everyone had every chances to impress.

We were there to have fun. Of course we knew from the start we were not gonna win anything!

I have to admit, even we didn't score any goals that day, the mood was incredible. Just look at the picture up there. We have proven again Notthingham Games is not World Cup. We veterans had a great time, one to be cherished forever.

Izham our goalkeeper, made wonderful saves that spared us the blushes from getting nailed to the double digit scoring from the oppositions. The tireless Abbas who was on a jovial mood since finishing his ACA papers recently. Muza the super sub holding the ball calmly. Arin the enthusiastic, witty defender whose leadership quality is flawless. Determined striker Rainy Hu who was our latest signing on the same day that showed remarkable impact. Shahmir (Adik Arin) and Arman showing great youth potentials and lastly our true Juventus fan lanky defender Jason Ong who is veteran at age, but very young at heart. This is sort of team with great characteristics that I respect a lot in order to make something special out of nothing.

Meanwhile, I also had the chance to become the referee for the match between Leicester and Newcastle A. I started the match like an old joker figuring out how to use the stop watch. The game was exciting and I think I faired well in that game. Amid the pressures from the young, darah-muda players, my decisions were firm. I did not move at all when the fans were calling for penalty or the goal-scorer was thought to have entered the D. My explanations were simple. Number 4 from Newcastle A entered his own D and he did not do it intentionally nor disrupting play, so I gave him a warning. The goal was valid for Leicester as the goal-scorer hit the ball outside the D but his foot touched inside the D as a follow-up and the goal should stand. Some rough tackles were allowed as they were seen as 50-50 challenges (although some loud noise could be heard). This is football. Some jokers were even trying to convince me that it was not a goal. I should have given him (the tall guy Italian wannabe) the yellow card for dissent. Hehe. It was fun umpiring. Will do it again next time.

On that same day, I was further buoyed by the result at Emirates. Arsenal won 2-1. Although this is seen as a good result, I am still pessimistic we can do it this year.

Next tournament, Kingstonians?

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