Saturday, November 29, 2008

Decisions decisions...

Phew! That was tough. I was expected to fly back to London tonight in time to start work with Maybank UK on Monday. In a sudden turn around, I was offered by MNRB to join their industrial training scheme with Guy Carpenter (or other companies) in January.

After godzillion times of rejections in the midst of recession, it's quite understandable how the UK companies are not keen on employing foreigners especially dodgy Malaysians who have the reputation of abusing their Visas. However, I focused on getting Maybank London and MNRB since I am supposed to be working with PNB (or be sent to court to settle the bond). As you can see, they are the subsidiaries of PNB and after my conversation with Puan Rukiah A. Samad, I am quite positive PNB will let me go.

Some people just don't care about legal matters. I do.

The opportunity came when my father was asked by a neighbour during his Raya Open House about me doing Actuarial Science . Being a prominent figure in MNRB, he is willing to help me get a job in the UK because he understands how hard it can be these days. My father texted me about this matter and I said I would be delighted to be given that opportunity and would return for the interview on the 18th November.

However, 3 days before my flight, I received a call from Mr. Tan from Maybank London. He told me that Maybank is employing and invited me to the interview on the same day later in the afternoon. It went quite well despite I was being told off by the General Manager for writing unprofessionally to them earlier this year asking if there was a job vacancy. I got the feeling that I excelled because I sounded desperate for the job by saying "yes" to all their offers/terms. I got the job but had a mixed feeling about it as it is non-actuarial. I told Mr. Tan to let me balik kampung and think about it first.

After one week since the MNRB interview, it seemed that there are so many obstacles. MNRB asking for a release letter from PNB but the latter would only do that when an offer letter could be presented. The thug-of-war scenario made me feel quite uncertain of getting the placement. Finally, I was prepared to take Maybank because they were so keen of employing me and the question of uncertainties did not arise. I wrote to Mr. Tan that I will be flying back to start work with Maybank. The whole of two-week was full of drama, and then two days ago, I received the offer letter from MNRB.

Then after a long thought, I decided to take the challenge to qualify as an actuary i.e. rejecting Maybank in the process. I was offered a 1.5-3 years job at Guy Carpenter while taking actuarial exams. The bond would be for the maximum of 6 years. However, all this is subject to getting a written consent from PNB. Fingers crossed everything will be done or I will have to fork out RM95,000 to pay them off.

I am happy with my decision. I hope my decision is right. The last time I did was very troublesome (signing up with PNB). However, with the likes of Puan Rukiah in the HR, it is hoped that one day PNB will realise that they have to change their views on their scholarship restrictions/terms/system.

Pray for my success.Justify Full


Ahmad Shahredzuan said...

good luck jeghui!

while i don't really understand what you are saying in your concluding statements, i do think that you are making the right choice.

another 6 year bond? jangan lompat dari mulut buaya and masuk mulut singa sudah la...

m mohamad said...

gluck dude!

just to give u a heads up, have a read at the article link below.

Zebra said...

Begitulah nak cari kerja sekarang ni kena banyak kroni.

Kenak sana kenal sini.



Jeg said...

sometimes contacts are very important. but u must be good lah. u must offer them your best ability. its not a one way thingy.

Hilmi Ramlan said...

hey jeg!!

the best of luck with ur future work :)

best la camni.. people looking for u... rezeki semua di tangan Allah ;)

best of luck!