Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bali bombers shot dead by firing squad

According to Qisas under the Islamic Law, death should be paid by death, i.e. capital punishment. Imam Samudra, Ali Ghufron and Amrozi Nurhasyim who were responsible for the Bali bombings, were killed yesterday by the Indonesian firing squad. In those bombings in Kuta, innocent civilians were killed who were mostly Australians, and Islam does not condone killing innocent civilians.

For this case, justice is served. However maybe, lethal injections or decapitations should be used instead to provide instantaneous deaths.

But who actually masterminded all this terrorism acts? Who came out with the wrong fatwas? Osama Bin Laden is not fit enough to come out with any fatwas. He is not an ulama' and God knows if he even studied Islam or even practices it. However, what would be the source of the problem?

The western media always support the fact that Muslim leaders are terrorists and that's the reason why Iraq and Afghanistan were being invaded. Is it really because of justice? To liberalise the people in those two nations? Or for the raw materials? North Korea has been very vocal about their nuclear warheads programmes but still the U.S has done nothing to 'remedy' it.

In the likes of Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, with its nuclear power enriching programme for the former, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is being put into so much pressure as if he IS a terrorist. Why do you think the Iranian President is being questioned of his good intentions? Is it because he's a Muslim? Or is it because of the raw materials?

Terrorists attacked the hardest during George W. Bush's regime. World Trade Center came crashing down in Sept 11, 2001, Bali bombings, embassy bombings and others to be so painful to be reminded of. The nosy Americans from Bush's Government were not welcomed. Obama has a lot to do.

The President-elect must move away from the tyranny regime of Bush's administration. George will be known for the worst American President the world have ever seen. Obama promises change. I am a bit optimistic he will do it. It's simply because I believe in a better, peaceful world.

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