Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tag hang!

I was tagged by Duggie and am still waiting for today's tournament Cass 5-a-side. Fully recovered from a stubbed big toe and dismissed it was a shattered one as initially feared. Busy week I suppose since I will have 2 courseworks to finish and 1 test to sit next week before heading home for a short break in Australia.

Hope everyone's happy despite oil setback!
  1. 5 hadiah yang anda impikan? - I don't demand much with hadiah but some unrealistic ones will be largely stated here.
    1. My long awaited first car.
    2. The old Mercedes Benz C class will do. Although The new one of the same class will be highly appreciated. Oh, or maybe the new convertible BMW 3 series hard hood!
    3. Getting a job in the UK.
    4. A villa in Spain.
    5. Oranje to be crownedChampions of Euro 2008.

  2. Alasan atas pilihan anda itu: - Aiyerr..must have one meh?
    1. Over-optimistically asked for it right after SPM (Fiat Coupe plak tuh!)
    2. Think I can buy one back home? Might as well get one here at a snip!
    3. Ya a present much awaited for betraying PNB and leaving loved ones for 2 years at home.
    4. Andalucian dream still biting.
    5. Unimpressed with Arsenal's plight, would settle for a football glory for Holland!

  3. 5 inspirasi daripada orang(s) yang diminati?
    1. Keluarga yang aman damai.
    2. Positive thinking. Hati yang baik.
    3. Penyabar.
    4. Loyalty dan cinta sejati.
    5. Beringat kepada agama.

  4. Perkara yang paling hebat pernah dilakukan mereka untuk anda:
    1. Their eternal love and support for me. Itu sudah cukup untuk menjadi perkara yang paling hebat mereka lakukan.
    2. Their thoughts of me.
    3. Jaga makan minum pakai aku.
    4. Dengar nasihat baik aku.
    5. Pengorbanan mereka.

  5. 5 ciptaan manusia yang paling disukai?
    1. Football!!!
    2. Coca Cola. Still think it's the best drink ever produced. Air zam-zam tu ciptaan Tuhan.
    3. Internet. Facebook, friendster... Genius!
    4. Medicine.
    5. Kapal angkasa, Kapal terbang and.. kereta lah. Vroom vroom!

  6. Apakah orang yang paling dibenci?
    1. Orang yang suka buat star. Kalau mmg star takpa gak. Dan orang yang takda jatidiri agama bangsa dan mudah lupa diri bila dah hidup senang. Orang yang mulut becok kay poh chi la ka suka jaga tepi kain orang. Oh ya hypocrites too!

  7. 5 orang yang anda mahu tag?
    1. Arwin - udah2 lah Everwood tu...
    2. Abbas - tulis kat facebook pon bleh bro!
    3. Ope - it's been a while man!
    4. Soha - surely got free time right...
    5. Kudin actually but he promised not to blog again after Arsenal's downfall. So Zaid Waq will replace him!

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