Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recent Updates

Just got back from Malaysia-Australia it was a very short but delightful break and to be honest I am still homesick laugh all you can.

Ate Jap food on Acik's birthday on Sunday.

Then Naili's Corner the next day.

Then Kuew Tiaw Doli in Taiping the next day.

Bukit Merah next before jetting off to Brisbane via Sydney under Reliance.

GoldCoast is highly recommended for everyone. Honeymooners or family trips... or for the youngsters, it is a place for everyone with wonderful activities on offer.

I managed to meet Acap after a long time. I had a first time experience over something and still think it is something which is overrated...

Ate a lot one night when fresh lobsters, mud-crabs, kerapu and abalone were on our menu. Good grub!

Movie World, Seaworld.. Outback life... and suddenly I was on the way to London Heathrow 3 hours after reaching KLIA from Brisbane. Then everything seemed to shut down.

I couldn't stay longer because I have a coursework to do: Stochastic Claims Reserving for General Insurance. Sounds big huh? Yea it is.. 6-week course but Richard expects us to challenge him with an open-ended first class coursework.

For F sake!

Bon Jovi was good last night. I know only 4 songs notably Always and It's My Life. But they were fine.

I have to do my coursework actually. I still don't understand why do I have to torture myself?

Oranje are out. Second team Germany in the final. But Spain will win Euro2008.


Anonymous said...

hey jegh, good to have you back! WHy do you say Spain 'WILL' win???

Jeg said...

Ballack is out.. and Spanish are more consistent

kayleisha said...

i love Naili's corner too! =)