Monday, June 16, 2008

Food 'bomb' on Malaysia Airlines

The trip cost me 585 pounds. It was OK compared to other liners and timings. Plus, the oil surcharge later didnt get to affect me as booking had already being made.

It was a bumpy touchdown but I had a more terrible ride to think about for the rest of the day as the food sucked big time!

OK I might exargerrate a bit there but it was below par. And I remember it was a lot better last year and not to mention Emirates' world class dining!

And the food came only twice! I felt really hungry between those times but had to settle for 27 Dresses and Definitely Maybe to sink that in for all I care!

I could be a food critic but I will make it simple. The food was little, and didn't taste good. Plus, it was covered with cheap plastic instead of the alumunium ones to keep em warm. The bread, my oh my.. it was hard as rock of Gibraltar! Thankfully the famous peanuts stayed that day.

Two blondie babes sitting next to me didn't even have the desire to eat the next round of the meal prior reaching KLIA.

To add to the issue, to my disgust, I was informed that the contract was given to Pak Lah's step-son to provide food for Malaysia Airlines. That simply made me over the top! Before this we have SCOMI manufacturing rapid KL buses although there are still many unused buses sighted.

Now this? What next? He's taking over the peanuts as well???

Stop all this shit favouritism!!! I just want to enjoy my long journey home and eat well! I'd have another round of pork soup I accidentally slurped in Noodle Bar, Islington rather than a Nasik Lemak tainted with shit favouritism, chronysm and nepotism.

Oh God please show them they are not Gods!

With the GE12 results still 'haunting' them some more!!

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hanafedora said...

darn it...i'll be back this july with MAS...if the food suck big time definitely i'll write it in my blog like urs