Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Herald - The Catholic Weekly

I condemn the usage of the word "Allah" in the Malaysian Catholic Newspaper Herald.

Although there is some truth that the word "Allah" was even used during the time of Christ in Hebrew and also during Jahiliyyah time (Allat) referring to God, I still think Herald should stop using the word "Allah" in their Malaysian Language edition.

What is far important is the impact of the usage of the name Allah in Herald in which will provoke disharmony in Malaysia. I am very sure the Muslims will not welcome the idea. "Allah" is more synchronised with the Muslim world nowadays to refer God this is not new. In fact the Muslims (me included) would think that it is a way to confuse the Muslim Malays and invite more Lina Joy wannabes since Malaysian Language is being used by the paper.

They can always use "Lord" instead just like in The Bible. What if the Muslims retaliate by using the name "Jesus" instead of "Nabi Isa" publicly to talk about how the prophet was not actually crucified? Will the Muslims now be called racists? This will cause uproar among the Christians, right?

So enough bickering and stop provoke disharmony in my beloved country.

On another matter, I believe Abdullah was misquoted by some media when he was reported to say "you should tell your family BEFORE converting to Islam". He actually said that you must INFORMED your family that you have converted to Islam to avoid cases like Maniam Moorthy.

"Why do people want to hate? They see an opportunity to hate, they will hate. They will start talking about it and start gossipping but they should have known that there is nothing wrong with it according to their own belief and the Holy Book they preserve."

Please don't give hate a chance. Mahathir obviously hates Pak Lah for not continuing his legacy. He sacked Anwar for not following orders and both have shown signs of going against his way. (In which was good not to accept IMF but this could be highly motivated by Anwar opposing nepotism and chronism and thus saving his chronies). He is indeed ruthless! He will do anything to prove he is right! That's why he left UMNO. That's why he was plotting against the PM so that he could prove that he is right all along. That his way is the righteous way.

You still think he did it for the Malays? For the people? He is dividing the Malays more thats for sure. And as I said earlier, I am more interested about the implication of an incident. Not just the theory.

I have respect for Tun Mahathir for his intelligence and nerves of steel during his reign. But he has to stop humiliating himself. Being a hyprocrite talking about Abdullah as if he was not a bit of a dictator before. As if nepotism and chronism were not practised before. As if we had freedom of speech before. As if we did not have ISA before.

I pray for your health and may Allah give you guidance to His righteous path. Concentrating on "Criminalising War" would be your priority and I fully support it.

Ok ok I must stop talking about politics already I am sure you guys had enough already. Atleast for the moment. Let us be happy.

Euro2008 is coming!! Which team are you supporting?

Jeg for Oranjeg!! We do not have real defensive quality but I am still a Holland fan. France and Portugal looked powerful but we might have a surprise winner again this year.

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aduyah said...

untuk pengetahuan jeg terdapat 4 perkataan yang tidak dibenarkan digunakan sama sekali dalam sebarang penerbitan kristian iaitu Allah, Muhammad, Baitullah dan satu lagi ntahla (terlupa pulak).perkara ni telah diwartakan oleh kerajaan sejak tahun 1984 tapi diorang tetap suka-suka jugak cetak dalam bible diorang.