Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Not to sound spectacular"

Just got back from JPA Agong Scholarship interview. for the list of candidates. Tough competition. Was told that the panel targets people from the Applied Science. Gotta admit I suck at interviews. Had a bright start only to see the performance declining towards the end. Not expecting to get a call.

Been very2 busy lately. Tomorrow, another interview. This time it's gonna be mind blowing. Need to prepare some slide-shows. Was told about the interview only yesterday!

Haven't finished packing yet. Ah, well sempat blog lagi. Nvm, saja nak release tension. Made my decision since got the offer to read MSc Actuarial Science in City University but the deferment given by PNB helped smoothen the process. Missing my PNB mates.

Have no intention of going to UK simply to sound spectacular. Really think it's an offer that I couldn't refuse thus had to break the bank if I had to. Had a heavy heart to do so initially but after some advices given by colleagues, agreed it's a good investment.

A MSc Act Science scroll and 8 IOA exemptions being offered. Therefore, will be able to kiill 2 birds with 1 stone. Hopefully yup.

Why not LSE? PNB will definitely sponsor you if you can find a place in LSE. Nope. There's no IOA qualification that I can benefit from. Looking forward, focussed to become an actuary.

But, must take step by step approach. We'll see what's the next step after a year.

Flight at 12.00 tengah hari KLIA. Saturday. 23rd Sept. Smq! Aku sampai kol 6p.m. Will come back for UiTM graduation Nov 9 - Nov 12.


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azzuhry said...

hey jeg! so sorry couldnt meet up.. im busy with work n some stuffs.. well good to see u doing masters already.. all the best n keep the blog updated! so happy for u. jeg boleh!