Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A worthy Saturday

Slept late again on Friday night but I knew I hadta wake up early that morning to attend a seminar. Not that I had already starting to appreciate Anthony Robbins or any motivational speakers (coz I'm a wee bit egoistic about listening to these ppl) but it was for my former classmates. T'was their final project entitled "Million-dollar Career, You can Make it too!" led by Arween and Nadd.

But kudos to Epul tho for his and his friend's effort on the flyers, banners etc coz they were just world-class. Good first impression I must say. However, I must say there is a room of improvement for the shirt and car sticker but I still bought them.

Generally, I honestly think they made a good job! A job well done miraculously. Ugh that might sound a bit exaggerrating simply because they are my friends? No. I don't do that. I give fair evaluations all the time no matter if you are the enemy or my father. I'm saying it was a Houdini-like performance because from I know, they were not given financial back-up by the HEP (Hal-Ehwal Pelajar) to the annoyance of Arwin who did well overcoming the pressure with great composure. What they did was selling hundreds of t-shirts bearing actuarial science logo and stuff in order to break-even, let alone put a surplus of the RM200 each of the students cum organisers had to fork out.

As for the panels, they were late. Except Mahadi. Yup that millionaire guy yada-yada. Atleast he was early. Other two speakers were Fara Fauzana (WOhOO!!) and Mr Norhamdi from Bank Negara. The former is a friendly, bubbly and LAYAN while the latter was a bit boring (Dato' Ali was rumored to have been sleeping while Hamdi gave his talking). But kinda respect the guy from Kelantan though. From scratch, merantau mencari rezeki di KL. And both him and Fara was UiTM grad tho. Bangga-bangga! Haha.

Mahadi... on the other hand.. cam biasalah.. just like last semester. Same ol same ol but he's got new spectacles tho!

The food was excellent. At first I thought takda lauk. But then when I explored the nasik bungkus, ada daging kari, which was the bomb! And heard also the initial supplier was supposed to be of Mr Hamdi's catering co. But it was scrapped in the final minute because he intended to increase the price. I mean, what the hell. This is just a seminar which benefits the students, we are not making profit whatsoever. Kinda shocked when I heard this.

Took pics with Fara Fauzana, Arween and Mr Hamdi while picking up hadiah cabutan bertuah. Haha. That was like the poyo-me antics, as usual, It was actually presented by Mr Hamdi but I cheekily invited Fara Fauzana to take some snaps with me. She didnt reject me tho. The humble and talkative radio host was such an inspiration for me. She obviously brought the energy around the hall with her side of stories and advices.

After the event, went to take pics and met friends and thanks for the good luck wish and all and hope to see you guys again before I fly off to the UK. I am glad to be part of the Actuarial Science student in UiTM and despite you guys' complaints over the size of my tummy, I assure you I will never forget all the things that we shared and cherish together (latest being the Bukit Cerakah and the Seminar and also, the broo-ha-ha of the latest couple in CS222). tee hee hee!

So after a drink with Yang I went home feeling tired. Semalam tidur lambat ma. But I promised my KYS friends a night at the karaoke. Only the second time aku gi karaoke the first one wud be with the KMYS friends at Sg Petani featuring Lenoq. Took WFL5555 to Ampang with minimal minyak (gamble) and arrived home safely without having to refill. Oh, Putra LRT tutup pukul 11pm btw.


It was another night to remember. Sohai (Duet Partner), Kebau (Man of the Night), Dyah, Chot (surprisingly powerful vocals), Pah (Abang Ada Band), Pecot (Awie), Eidy(Abg Control), Eznal (Doktor Jiwang Rock Kapak), and Hare (Abg Suara tak sampai). Haha! Well, we all semua suara tak sampai ma. So, when choosing the songs, mmg kena play safe. Kalo UKs ke Awie ke, Amy Search ke, jaga2lah keluaq suara kelawaq Rye or more notoriously suara stim. Hehe Peace Rye. You know I love you.

Well, Ciput, again was absent tho. And 8tv celebrity Helmy was missing also.

We all had fun really. Mmg enjoy abis. Sampai skang I still think karaoke helps me a lot in eliminating stress etc (especially time2 camni -- takda scholar boo-hu-hu screw you, u-know-who) . I feel like I was reborn! (despite suara katak). Sohai made a great duet mate. We even have a picture of ourselves singing Duu-duu-duuu. Haha. Cencurut (Sohai) and Tikus Mondok (Jeg).

So the last song we sang together mmg semua macam dah hilang akal (that includes Chot). Still think he's a cool, control macho guy? Haha. Dia dah tunjuk belang dah mementang 'single' for a week already. Peace Syirs! Haha! The last song was Don't Look Back in Anger! Terjerit2!! Hahah! Sampai lupa gelas satu dipecahkan. Sib baik tak kena ganti.

So lepas tu lepak2 Pelita. Lots of chics baru balik from clubbing. That time dah 330 to 4 in the morning. Cuci mata, as usual. Sib baik Payat takda kalo tak sure tercengang.

Haha. I just realise I selalu quote nama org dalam blog lately. Ah well promote kawan2.

K wei. You can view the pics at my friendster. Tried to upload here cam tak bleh je. Nanti cuba2 lg.


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