Sunday, August 17, 2014

Official: There is no good people in Pakatan

Just when I thought PAS would uphold justice and truth, just when I thought I should open my heart and be "husnuzon" (having good faith) to PAS, they failed in this integrity test given by Allah to simply do the right thing.
Actually this is what I initially thought, that they would betray Abdul Khalid (to uphold justice and truth) for Pakatan Rakyat, but I shrugged it off, thinking in unity, we should apply husnuzon. Clearly I should have trusted my instinct, rather than hope from the very people I condemned, thinking Muslim unity in Malaysia would finally be materialised.
Their excuse? For the sake of Pakatan Rakyat. Abdul Khalid is no longer relevant to Pakatan Rakyat because he is no longer with Pakatan Rakyat. He is no longer the concern of PAS.
They did not ask why Abdul Khalid was sacked? Or if it was really justified that he was sacked? Those allegations, I swear on my grandfather's grave will be swept under the carpet even by the very people who accused Khalid of doing, since he no longer has the support of the majority of the ADUNs - he is doomed as Menteri Besar Selangor.
Ethical politics, as I would like to call it, is still a long way to go. Don't give me anymore of that Reformashit, or Bershit or PAShit even. Those are just mere lies to allure some of us marhaen idiots, who would not even believe both Mustafa Ali and Anwar Ibrahim were caught in indecent acts in extramarital affairs. Even with evidence! Why is this important? Well, if they could cheat on their wife, they could cheat on us rakyat too. Ask Abdul Khalid. He knows this now.
Why is it so hard to do the bloody right thing? In case you would like to know why we have hate-crimes, racism, genocides, murders... because we chose the wrong people and these people think politics is above everything including doing what is ethical and right and most of all God. Since you people are the very people who encouraged these monsters, why not we start acting like King makers, not Yes men and women - who would just accept this unethical coup de tat. Didn't many of us voted Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor because of Abdul Khalid's good administration?
"Khalid is a good administrator, but not politician. This is politics." This kind of thinking should stop. We need leaders, not politicians - who would do anything to stay in power and mislead the people. Khalid is indeed the best MB we had so far. What did he do wrong? So come the state snap-election, I would like to see people punish PKR. I am not asking to get Khir Toyo back into the government. Just show Pakatan Rakyat we rakyat are not pushovers.
A reduced majority in Selangor would do. Pakatan Rakyat losing Selangor? Better! But you need to back those MCA and MIC people in so that we have a better representation of Selangorians in the State Assembly.
About my preamble? Yes. A united Muslims in Malaysia will bring about a united Malaysia because there won't be anymore racial, religious issues to stoke about. This was already explained here.


Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Jeg HHui, take it form me (28years in UMNO). tomorrow I cease to be PAS. There are no good Mulsim in politics including TGNA and UHH.
Wehn Ikoined , I askes a veteran (a long time PAS member. `If I joined can I question the leaders if they make a mistake, or the wrong decision'. At the time I was more concerned with doing the things Allah forbade. His answer was. `We usually allow them to do the decision and thinking for us' I shot back at him,`Hey, I got brains too, I'm better than most of them!' But I ddidn't like PKR for their dishonesty (many took goods from us but abscinded and didn't pay. At a Ceramah in Anwar Ibrahim's house (he was already in prison)I sent RM17,000 worth of Harakah. When I arrived later, I found that they (the supporters) had used them to sit on!
Little that I realise the 1999 conversation I had will become a reality, 17th August, 2014. Sunday was the most shocking decision made by a once revered Party. The liberals (Erdogens) now ride the Ulamak rough shod. PAS is now history to its pious and devout members. We had hoped they would descipline and tick off Khalid Samad, Mujahid Yusof and Husam Musa. What happened to Majlis Syura, Dewan Ulamak.
Is being just and upholding Justice no longer part of Islam?

Jeg Hui said...

Quite confusing. Are you with PAS or UMNO now?