Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Next for Abdul Khalid?

We Selangorians now have an independent Menteri Besar after his sacking from PKR yesterday. Irony. Abdul Khalid Ibrahim was accused of a working “independently”, “not a team player” all this while anyway as he would not listen to de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim when running Selangor. Well, if this is not a good thing, then you are being hypocritical with the way you see others ruling the people by proxy i.e. having a puppet leader.
Yesterday also marked the fall of Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor, technically speaking, as the state is run by Khalid Ibrahim and his team of Executive Councilors. Since Abdul Khalid is now party-less, it would be kind of strange for his councilors from PKR and DAP to be working with him, unless these councilors are still supporting him as menteri besar. Or, that they are a bunch of power-hungry politicians who would not relinquish their positions with or without Khald. I am inclined to believe the latter.
 As mentioned in an earlier article, PAS is now in the driving seat in both determining the new Selangor government and the vote of no confidence motion in the assembly, if that would ever happen. PAS are effectively at the crossroads of their own party struggle (perjuangan) with either to stay ethical and honorable or sacrifice a good man for the sake of Pakatan Rakyat, in a marriage of inconvenience with DAP and PKR, against the force of old foes Barisan Nasional. Their decision would simply be the road PAS would take in determining its own future including at national level so they really have to think it through, and quick.
Abdul Khalid is seeking an audience with the Sultan of Selangor, the person who would eventually be the final decision maker, for his advice. Abdul Khalid would ask the Sultan’s opinion if it would be wise to join PAS and still command the majority of the support. Although the Sultan would not want to be involved in this time and money-wasting politics, he is wise enough to know what he as a Sultan wants. Abdul Khalid checks all the requirements made by Sultan. Someone he can trust, someone who would uphold Islam, someone who would work for the Rakyat and honest in his administration. Although I am not the Sultan and am not speaking on behalf of the Sultan, my sources indicate that the Sultan do not want Wan Azizah as the new menteri besar for many reasons.
 So just a reminder, the Sultan is the ultimate decision maker, with or without vote of confidence.
Strategically, Abdul Khalid should maintain a good relationship with Sultan and PAS if he were to keep his post as the rightful menteri besar. Losing one of them would be history for Abdul Khalid and a huge tragedy for the ethical, moral, clean and effective administration of Selangor.
PAS would support Abdul Khalid as the rightful menteri besar, accept him in the party but insist on staying with Pakatan Rakyat. There is nothing DAP and PKR can do about it because they do not own Pakatan Rakyat and Abdul Khalid could be completing his second term after all.
 As it stands:  In the no confidence vote: PAS 15, BN 12, IND 1, DAP 14 and PKR 13

In creating new state government: PAS 15, BN 12, IND 1, DAP 15 and PKR 13

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