Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Dead-end for Anwar and Rafizi

More than a month after Kajang Move was launched, we lost our brothers and sisters in the MH370 tragedy. Both Reformasi 2.0 and Kajang Move had died down since until recently the latter was revived.

As soon as it was resurrected, again we lost our brothers and sisters in another aviation tragedy, the shooting down of MH17.

No, Kajang Move did not cause these tragedies. However, it is very important to note how these power-crazed politicians ignore these national tragedies and moved forward with their power-lust, unethical agenda. I will mention names. These people are no other than Anwar Ibrahim with the help of Rafizi Ramli. PKR's popularity went down in the most hypocritical fashion.

Anwar’s attack on Tun Mahathir back in the 90s used nepotism claim on the former premier. Now, after failing to wrest Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional in the 13th General Election, he wants to make himself the Menteri Besar of the richest state of Malaysia. Since his sodomy verdict was overturned by the Court of Appeal, he has to back his too obedient wife to be the puppet Menteri Besar, something she admits today of what is exactly going to happen. His daughter, who is currently facing marital problems, is the Lembah Pantai MP. If this is not nepotism, then donkeys might actually fly.

Another famous PKR propaganda is “Demi Rakyat” (for the People). For most of us Selangorians, we know Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is working hard for the people evidently the RM3 billion pile of cash reserve he accumulated and the recent concluded water deal in which he thought was fair value, based on his reputable investment banking skills. Evidently, Kajang Move, in which to remove Khalid is not the wish of the Rakyat and the tagline Demi Rakyat is not more than just a big fat lie. In a recent survey by Astro Awani, 62.4% of Rakyat favour Khalid Ibrahim to retain as Menteri Besar Selangor while Wan Azizah only managed to get 9% for the same post.

We all thought Kajang Move was just a mere scam to get people’s attention on Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy conviction and rejuvenating “Reformasi”. The timing of the MH370 had somewhat failed Reformasi 2.0 as not many had turned up in its first gathering at Kajang Stadium. Maybe this is true along until recently, noticing the support for PKR has gone down, they are going back to their words the Kajang Move is to remove Khalid, so that people will go “oh, Kajang Move is really necessary”. Funny though, reviving Kajang Move has not only lose PKR’s integrity much more but also could spell the breakup of Pakatan.

Kajang Move, where fanboys thought to be made by a genius could even mark the death of two-party system.

PAS is now sitting pretty as the Kingmaker of Selangor over this issue. Should Khalid be expelled from PKR, PAS can conveniently accept him with open arms, increasing the number of ADUNs to 16, the biggest in the ruling coalition while retaining the Menteri Besar. This move will infuriate PKR and DAP but PAS will conveniently say they will still remain with Pakatan Rakyat nonetheless. PKR or DAP cannot expel PAS from Pakatan Rakyat as there is really no Pakatan Rakyat under a registered society. Then, this is a dead-end for both Anwar and Rafizi together with their political career.

Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, a man with principle, will not resign. If he does, he will be forgotten as a lame duck who went down without a good fight against immoral politicians. As the Malay says, “bukan anak jantan”. So PKR might think they can push for vote of no confidence against Khalid in the State Assembly. With PAS and Barisan out to defend the man, the vote will not be in their favour; the possibility the PANDAn MP genius has failed to see.

Barisan might pounce at this opportunity to regain Selangor together with PAS, Khalid Ibrahim and other Khalid supporters who might also defect. Again, dead-end for Anwar Ibrahim and Rafizi Ramli.

The ultimate decision maker for the post, the Sultan of Selangor, will also oppose the appointment of Wan Azizah as the Menteri Besar, so I was told. Triple dead-end.

So, I wonder, what were they trying to do actually apart from showing Anwar Ibrahim is the boss of PKR? Not Khalid Ibrahim. Not even the President. Thus, Kajang Move is just a bloody waste of Rakyat’s time and money, really.

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