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Letter to Najib (post GE13) - How to save Malaysia

This letter was sent to Najib through his 1Malaysia email: right after the GE13. I am pretty sure he did not read it, based on what we are seeing right now in Malaysia.

Dear beloved Prime Minister of Malaysia,
Congratulations for winning the hard fought 13th General Election. I am surprised you seemed shocked at the results but for me, Barisan Nasional has always been the underdogs since the 2008 political tsunami. As many so-called democrats asking for a two-party system, the result has shown Malaysia has become a two-race system. As you put it, "Chinese Tsunami" has hit Malaysia. As a Malaysian, this is particularly distressing.
Clearly your 1Malaysia programme has failed. I have heard so many Non-Bumis calling 1Malaysia is just a saying, a tagline, a publicity stunt. In reality, especially the Chinese, they have kept thinking current affirmative actions have been marginalising them. That being said, I still see the Chinese controlling the Malaysian economy.
Your tireless efforts to please the Chinese had backfired. They were commendable efforts but in reality, racial sentiments still win. Well-organised and hiding behind "fight against corruption, cronyism and nepotism", attacking Bumiputera institutions (MARA, GLCs, UiTM, RELA, UMNO, PERKASA) are clearly apparent especially by the DAP. This is actually a veiled attack against the Bumiputras and Malaysia's affirmative actions.
You are actually facing the same problem your late father Tun Abdul Razak had faced in 1969. DAP/Gerakan made a mistake by taking it to the streets for the victory lap. Victory for only the Chinese seats of course. Riding on a liberal Malay Syed Hussen Al-Attas, they have gained racial victories in Chinese concentrated areas. The incident ensued, as we know it, had become the darkest part of our history. But the DAP had learned from this mistake. No rally was done today, and there wouldn't be. Instead, DAP will play down their victory saying its due to the backing of the Malays or the urbanites. Smart? I am only 30 but to me this is somewhat predictable for the DAP lot. 
Now, what would be your next step for national unity? I am very surprised people in Malaysia claimed that we have two Malaysias. This has been going on since decades. It became more and more apparent when Barisan Nasional keep on building and supporting Chinese vernacular schools to please the Chinese. This is actually a fatal mistake. There should be only one, national school in this country. I know their rights of having vernacular schools but this has to be done away at some point in the future.
Clearly, some things have got to go.
You actually have a choice, for the sake of your political survival. The first green pill is that you can persuade PAS to join Barisan, offering them the DPM post, electing them to be heading the anti-corruption initiative, allow for the participation of ulamas in Islamic matters (not merely shouting the word Hudud of course) and others you can think about. Yes they are wounded after this GE (particularly because of how the Malays are divided) but you cannot ignore the power of their grassroots supporters. Nik Aziz has since retired from politics because of ill-health (insya Allah khair). This should provide a good opportunity to talk to the President Hadi Awang and see if we can finally unite the Muslims. "Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh." That doesn't mean the Chinese should be punished for betraying your, Ghani Othman's and Ali Rustam's support. As soon as they realise the Malays are stronger again, believe me, you will not see another Chinese Tsunami come the next GE because I don't think they are foolish enough to think they can win alone. The Chinese is controlling the economy, they too know political stability is important. As long as Malaysia keeps developing, and realising they won't be able to win power all by themselves, I believe Malaysia will be in good hands of Barisan. 
Or take the red pill so you can persuade DAP to join Barisan (you can try but it was done before when Gerakan joins Perikatan. Look at Gerakan now). Then keep supporting Dong Zhong to build Chinese schools (and get betrayed again). Feed them with some mammoth dinners or holding concerts performed by Chinese-looking Koreans (and keep getting fooled). Some even booed you on stage, being disrespectful. Really, stop being in denial that we all live in harmony, kissing and hugging each other. The issue of polarisation in Malaysia has always been there. You only made it worse when more and more Chinese schools are being built using tax-payers money.
So how to save Malaysia? You take the green pill mentioned above. Yes, the Chinese will be angry (they are still sore for not winning at federal level). But you forgot that it is actually the Malays who you really have to take care of. We have realised how you have spent so much for the Chinese recently. If you choose the second pill, more Malays will go and support the immoral Anwar. And Anwar, as you are aware, is like a chameleon. He can suddenly change and say he will protect the rights of the Malays and then take you out taking PKR, PAS and disgruntled UMNO with him. You could start smoothen the deal with the Chinese like abolishing the Bumi discount for properties above 800k, because obviously, whoever could afford an 800k property, surely they do not need government's help to buy a property. At the same time, Bumi quota should stay but instead of letting the developers to announce how much is the %, make a strict directive to them to only mention how many units are actually available to the public (when comes to balloting). I was there at the Bandar Rimbayu balloting. I was hurled of racial abuses as if I don't understand Hokkien swearing by many because my friend was wearing the tudung. You might not notice this because only a normal citizen like us would experience this. Also, instead of not allowing the Bumis to sell their properties to Non-Bumis, allow us to sell it only after 5 years (and hopefully the Malays are already better off economically). Then, if PAS agrees, welcome them to Barisan in a form of a coalition government, not to be placed under the Barisan umbrella. They will apply themselves once you have shown how you have good intentions in making Malaysia a better nation. Let Anwar fight BN-PAS and see if he can really win. He will eventually give up, the Chinese will desert DAP, realising they cannot win (evidently PRU13, despite the Chinese super racial swing).
Education - this has to be done in stages. Enough is enough. I was 11 years old when I joined the national school SRK SFI Melaka. I was one of the only two Malays in class. The school is not a Chinese school but the level of education at that time (1994-1995) was superb. I guess that's why the Chinese stick to SFI. Although it was dominated by Chinese, we learned to respect each other. Never that I have encountered a racial slur except once from a classmate (he now becomes an anti-Malay-Islam racist Chinese). But I will never forget this part of my life. I taught them BM and they taught me English in return. I believe at that time, the Chinese love Barisan. Tun M was saved by the Chinese in 1999 election. So what have they become now? It is not coincidence that since Barisan started wasting hundreds of millions to build Chinese school, the more the Chinese have distant themselves from Barisan.
Corruption - to convince the public, if PAS (or DAP) agrees to setup a coalition government, they should be heading this initiative (not beheading it). Let them do this. Anyone in Barisan who is corrupt, they can stop doing it now as we speak. How many millions in the bank account would satisfy a person? I will not go into individuals but stop using Rakyat's money like your own money. Live a humble life, build the nation. Life is short to be just enjoying the worldly heaven. I really think it is more satisfying to have your name as the Father of the Modern Malaysia where everyone respects you. All I hear in this Middle East country is Mahathir Mohammad. He himself has also failed to make the Malays better. Without corruption, there's no more bullets for the Opposition to attack Barisan. There is simply no reason to hate Barisan. With no corruption, people don't care if the foreign cars are expensive or the national cars are so lousy (especially the power windows). This will bring a certain pride inside every Malaysian. That our country has the lowest corruption index in the region, if not the world. Without corruption, Malaysia will flourish.
Fighting crimes - the stats might say otherwise, but crimes are rampant in Malaysia. I am living in Saudi Arabia and I feel safe here. Hudud is implemented here. Now, since that I have suggested that you personally approach PAS to co-operate with Barisan, I don't think they are foolish enough to declare they will go all out for hudud. Hudud is not even in Buku Jingga, and hudud is only a tool to convince the grassroots supporters that they are all for Islam. In this case, PAS can simply assure their supporters under the new BN-PAS coalition, hudud is actually being implemented in a way of making the punishment for crimes more severe. 10 years for rape? That is like 10 years holiday for these horrible perverts! As hudud is such a taboo in this modern world, Allah has not make it obligatory to call his commands according to the Arabic name Hudud. But really, people get away for statutory rape? Are you kidding me with our judiciary system? Punishment for serial offenders has to be harsh. With harsh punishments, people won't be too brave to commit street crimes for example. I am sure there must be a motivating factor for these guys to repeat the crime. Don't tell me the police force are really nice people nowadays, letting them go after being locked up for a day?
Finally, combating malicious accusations/slanders (FYI your wife has not been spared). Barisan should have one dedicated website to quickly answer to all the accusations made by viral social networking posts, videos and whatever that was accused by the Opposition. The people of Malaysia will then just have to look for one website to find the answers. This website of course, will be contributed by the intel that you have (not slandering bloggers). It must be based on the truth. Facts must all be checked before releasing to the public. PDRM can always play a role although not directly but information can be checked. For example, the Opposition has accused the Government of bringing in Banglas. Very catchy Anwar tactic as if he wouldn't do if he comes to power. He could even bring in China dolls as phantom voters since the Chinese is so siding with him now (okay this is not the idea for BN to adapt, we DON'T have CHINESE votes currently). But of course, Barisan leaders must shape up and repent. Old ways have to be forgotten. I really think the most satisfying thing in life is not to have billions of dollars. But is to actually change the life of the masses for better. Bill Gates get this!
I hope you are able to read my spontaneous thoughts on what it should be done to make Malaysia better. It's not much but some points, I have been rooting for it for quite some time. To sum it up:
-National unity comes from Malay/Muslim unity. 
-1School for the Real 1Malaysia.
-Fight corruption like fighting for your life.
-Eradicate crimes by harsher punishments.
-Countering slanders at a click of a button.
Yours sincerely,
Azrul Abu Hassan @ Jeg Hui


Ramli Hamid said...

Superb write-up. I do hope PM Dato Seri Najib will ponder over. Malaysia should emulate Singapore's way to combat crime and corruption.

Christopher Tang said...

Excellent points, couldn't agree more