Thursday, May 08, 2014

Hudud in Malaysia

Yes, it has come back after about five years of silence. Hudud has come back to center stage. Why did I say five years? After 2008, Pakatan Rakyat leaders from PKR, PAS and DAP actually believe they could wrest Putrajaya from the ruling coalition of more than 50 years, Barisan Nasional. They need to be more united than ever, and certain compromises had to be done. DAP agreed to be more inclusive of the Bumis and would even go far from mentioning that the rights of the Bumis will be abolished. PAS, will restrain from making over-zealous comments and the holier-than-thou attitude was shunned "indefinitely" by bringing slogans to portray as if "PAS is for All". "Negara Islam" was then changed to "Negara Kebajikan". PAS did not even push for Hudud to be in the "Buku Jingga", the long-term masterplan of the administration of Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government should they come to power. Meanwhile PKR, would just stay as they are. Multi-racial, holding up the Constitution. Whoring supports through lies and controversies.
After the Chinese Tsunami failed to clinch Putrajaya but gave DAP a commanding 38 Parliamentary seats, it sent jitters to their ally PAS who saw many seats in Kelantan being taken away and their Parliamentary seats reduced. Fear that they might gone overboard by overlooking the grassroots supporters who are mostly pious Muslims, the compromises made during that five years did not seem to be pooling dividends. Alas, PAS is back with their Islamic rhetoric only a year after the 13th General Election.
As a Muslim, I am not denying Hudud, at any cost. Who am I to question the Almighty and what is the use of living in this world if there is no God? I would not say that I am the best of Ustazs but maybe this piece is simply to remind the Non-Muslims in Malaysia what we Muslims, who are the majority in the Malaysian population, believe.
We believe that the word "Allah" is exclusive to us Malaysian Muslims. Since the question of language plays a role, we do not feel the Non-Muslims in Malaysia should use this word freely because you guys are not even Arabic speakers. Even the Christian Arabs mostly use "Ar-Rab" in the Bibles. The complication that we have is the Christian community in Sabah and Sarawak have been using the Indonesian version Bibles where the word "Allah" is referred to what they believe as their God. Since it doesn't look to be easy to take this away from the Sabah and Sarawak Christian community, it is decided by the Government to just let it be. Status quo.
We also believe in Hudud, as commanded by Allah. I know the Non-Muslims in Malaysia fear that they would have their hands chopped off for giving bribery or receive death by stoning for keeping a mistress in one of those studios, SOHOs, SOFOs in the Klang Valley but as far as I know, when you talk about the Malaysian context, the separation of laws between Shariah law (which is a State matter under the Constitution) and the secular (criminal and civil) law would see the Non-Muslims being free of the Shariah law.
However, it is not as simple as that. The punishment for crimes are very different in both laws. For example, what would a Non-Muslim man gets if he was caught of khalwat ? (close proximity, or in my own words, caught pants down, literally). The thing is though, I do not see Hudud as a law to punish people but more of a preventive law. You should also know that Hudud promotes forgiveness and if the criminal was forgiven by the victim's family, he or she is spared from the punishment. But of course some of you did not know this before because all that was playing in your head is to be Islamophobic, prejudiced, ticking Islam at any chance you get, racist and so on.
Lets go back to the example of khalwat above, or lets make it up by one more level - adultery. Adultery is an act of extramarital sex and is seen to be the mother of all sins to you women out there, especially the feminists. Logically speaking, feminists of all people should be supporting hudud like diehard fans! Funny though most of the protestors across the Beverly Hills Hotel featuring Jay Leno had the sign "Feminists are the Majority", boycotting the Sultan of Brunei for implementing hudud in the country he rule. According to the holy book Al-Quraan, the punishment for adultery is death by stoning. Dear feminists, Yay or Nay? That's why I have said this before that feminists do not really know what they want. To me, feminists are also extremists. Islam meanwhile, promotes moderation (wasatiyyah).
Death by stoning is extreme, not moderation you say? Like I said earlier, Shariah Law is more of a preventive law rather than punishing. In the case of a Non-Muslim dude committing adultery with someone's wife (which again, the biggest sin to the feminists), under Hudud, this actually will not happen at the first place! That someone's wife know about the repercussion, the risk of doing it with this guy. SHE COULD BE STONED TO DEATH! What horror, seconds later that necessary fear starts sinking in and it is actually fear of God that comes to play (And yes we Muslims should fear God). So she would just keep calm and reject the baldy hunk and straight away seek fasakh (divorce initiated by the wife) from the wrong man she married.
By the way. it has also come to my attention that Hudud is actually in the Bible as well especially the stoning as above, but linked to more sins. Since I am not a Christian and Islam taught me to respect other religions, I will leave it to my Christian brothers and sisters of the following interpretations from the Bible:
When the politicians started bashing PAS for wanting to table the Hudud plan for Kelantan, they actually forgot (or ignorant) about the fact that we Muslims believe in Hudud. Fearing loss of support from the Muslims, it is only politically correct that PAS has to come back with their Hudud stance and feeling disappointed after being rejected by the Chinese, UMNO shows a silent support. Sad enough, the next Parliamentary seating could even blow up the sides into Muslims and Non-Muslims because of Hudud. It was truly a fatal mistake for the Non-Muslims especially the Chinese to reject the winning coalition in General Election 13. As we speak, there is no Chinese representative (MCA) in the Cabinet but so many in the Opposition through DAP. The constant bashing of Muslims by Christian or Non-Muslims NGOs (most recently the UiTM alleged "Anti-Christian" talk) certainly do not help. The Muslims might seem stupid or pleasant people but silently they realise they are losing if they are not united, at least for UMNO and PAS leaders.
PM Najib Razak might afterall give freedom to any member of the BN component parties to reject, approve or abstain from voting when the Hudud Bill for Kelantan is tabled. Traditionally, Barisan Nasional would find a consensus from the component parties and to vote yes or no, like how it happened in the GST Bill. However, he is indeed a politician through and through, having set foot into the political scene at a tender age of 23. He was the first to coin the words "Chinese Tsunami" right after the General Election 13 result was announced. Like PAS, he was pushed back to reality that Malaysians are too divided to be united thanks to the dividing education system (vernacular schools expecially) and economic racial disparity. Announcing this freedom, he is playing a huge gamble but might hit the lottery gaining the support of the Muslims majority. If Hudud for Kelantan is passed, there would even be a huge call to invite PAS into the Barisan Nasional coalition, making it stronger, to the expense of the Non-Muslims' (especially the Chinese) already shrinking representatives in the Government.
Just like Hudud in the example of whether that someone's wife would sleep with anyone else, Hudud would have not been tabled in the Parliament should there was no such Chinese Tsunami. The Chinese are indirectly the proponents of Hudud. With a strong MCA in the Government, Hudud issue would just come and go, like in 2004. Power sharing or not, the minorities need strong representatives in a ruling Government.
So, there you have it. You were the ones who voted and now you have to bear the consequences. This is not permanent though, if you vote again wisely come the 14th General Election.


Norlina said...

That's how you choose to see it because you are a muslim and you think you cannot have a different opinion or Allah will punish you. Talking about fear orientated religion. The easiest way to manipulate people is with fear.

From my perspective, hudud is cruel. How can you say that hudud is more of a preventive law? Do you mean that because it is so horrible that it will frightened people from committing crime? Lets see if a 15year old boy caught stealing...and his hand will be cut..then he commit the same offence again then he lost on earth will he live his life in the future with no hands? Go to handicapped special training and do what? He can't even weave a basket with no hands! Is it allowed under hudud law if the boy hands were replaced with bionic hands by the doctors? Or is he supposed to live with no hands for the rest of his life as a punishment for the crime he commited when he was young and stupid. Look like this boy's future in a hudud law country will be bleak. How about in the case of apostasy? It is Death under hudud for not believing in Allah anymore! How is apostasy a crime? Not believing in something that is invisible is a crime??

Jeg Hui said...

Dear Norlina,

Your name sounds like a Muslim name but I presume you are not a Muslim.

So because you seem not to understand (or refuse to understand) this article, I will have to answer your queries in a quite witty way.

Yes, it is a preventive law and the boy won't dare to steal if he fear God. As a Muslim I dont feel manipulated at all. I fear Allah. I fear the repurcussion of committing a crime. So the boy won't even steal at the first place if Hudud is in place.

There is no such punishment for apostasy as per the Quraan in Hudud, as far as I know. You must have been confused with Qisas and Hudud.

Apostasy, something Nurul Izzah condones in a talk in a church, is a crime in Islam when the apostates start attacking Islam left, right, front and back. Same goes it is a crime to ridicule Buddha, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism according to Islam.

Anything else you dont understand?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeng Hui,

Muslim or not, it's not for you to judge.

You can't equal fear of Allah to all. Teens can be rebellious and make stupid mistakes. Cutting his hands means taking away his future and denying a chance for him to correct his mistakes. I opposed Hudud because the punishment is permanent and disastrous.

Apostasy under hudud in Saudi, Yemen, death.

In Brunei, ".. if the defendant obstinately shows total defiance and chose to apostate while the syariah court reaches a point of conclusion that no hope was left for the apostate to repent, the person will be executed."
Are you sure Malaysia hudud won't go this way?

<"Apostasy, something Nurul Izzah condones in a talk in a church, is a crime in Islam when the apostates start attacking Islam left, right, front and back. Same goes it is a crime to ridicule Buddha, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism according to Islam.">
So what? changing faith is not a crime. What do you mean by attacking? Do you mean with weapons? Causing injuries and deaths?
It's not nice to say bad things about any religion but if they were just some nasty statement or comments, I don't think death is a fair punishment. It's cruel! After all they were just words. They should be fined or jailed. That's fair.

Jeg Hui said...
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Jeg Hui said...

Dear OrkidUngu,

Many thanks for your comments. Btw, it is Jeg Hui not Jeng, although thats quite a common mistake.

I presume you are the same person as Norlina here I dunno why the need to mask your identity.

It is indeed not for me to judge, but a learned Muslim knows that stealing, robbing, taking or giving bribes is bad. But hey Syariah law, hudud is also about forgiveness, and you have ignored that part in this article. If the property owner forgives the kid, or if the court considers some facts and agree that the kid should not have his hands cut off, the kid has a chance to redeem.

In a case where the kid is poor, he had to steal bread for his younger siblings, surely he would escape punishment.

But if he is an armed robber, who raped, killed and loot, surely a death penalty is looming for him. No chance.

Yes, I cannot judge. But the victims can judge. Given opportunity to be a syariah judge, I can judge.

About apostasy, go find the meaning of renegade. To me, only renegades should face the death penalty. This is according to Quraan and hadith.

Sudan, saudi arabia, brunei (which i dunno from where u quote their rule)... those are not of my interest. I am a Malaysian. Hudud is the answer for escalating crimes in Malaysia.

People talk about using fear to rule. If the punishment for raping and killing you is merely picking up fruits in Malacca (or jail time like you think thats fair), so think again. Especially when it involves you, your family, your closed friends etc.

Anonymous said...

Jeg Hui dear....You are saying as if our country is lawless.Civil law is good enough. We don't need another law.
We are Malaysian, multi racial and faiths.

I believe the basic of all religion is about love, compassion and forgiveness. Chopping hands and stoning to death in hudud is inhumane. Devils love cruelty. There are getting smarter. Think!

*Norlinah. OrchidUnggu is my google account's name. Masking my identity? Judging again...hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

there *they

Jeg Hui said...

Dear Norlinah,

Thank You for your comment. May I know if you are still with Islam? Don't worry I am not trying to kill you or something but I wanted to understand from where you are coming from with your arguments.

Our country is not lawless but the evidence of sporadic crimes show that the law is not strict enough. So Hudud is the answer. If it is good enough, it would be safe to be around Malaysia without snatch thieves, peras ugut, bunuh, rogol, rompak, buang baby etc.

Islam is about love. Not just Christianity if you know what Im saying.

I feel that you have issues with Islam hence your comments here.

ezaddin aleyya said...

to jeg hui,

u said "Islam is about love", if that is the case then why don't you "love god" instead of "fear god"? did He command u to fear Him? i think not. Allah, however, did mention in the Quran to "serve Him".
therefore, promoting justice is in serving Him. the example given by norlina is quite accurate "the stealing boy". if u cut off his hands, when he has potential to do good, is that justice? under hudud, rape is also a crime. however, the victims need to produce 4 witnesses who witnessed the act of raping at the time of incident. the witnesses must also be a man in order to be eligible. now hold on a sec. u need 4 men as ur witnesses. n they were supposed to hv witnessed(watched) u being raped? r u insulting my logic? do rapes done in public??? where a lot of people hv the opportunity to witness the act?? seriously?? where do the victims find such witnesses?? is this justice? does ur Rabb agree with this law? i dont think so..
n if u're saying that it is merely a preventive law, try hv a look at civil law on matters involving drugs. under the penal code, possession of drugs carry the punishment of death by hanging.
well i see that it is the same kind of punishment that would be implemented by hudud. however, this punishment still do not prevent men from taking drugs. so i'm saying that if men want to do something, they will do it regardless of the consequences.
n another thing is regarding apostasy/murtad or call it whatever u want. did Allah condemn those apostates to death? i thought He said in al-Kafiruun "o disbelievers, i dont believe in what u believe. n ur not a believer in what i believe. nor i a believer in what u believe. nor u a believer in what i believe.for u is ur religion, for me is my religion." this is what He said. Allah did not condemn apostates to their death. He let them go in peace. would He bother with those who dont want His help? Allah is Everything.
i just wanted to share my opinion because being someone new to islam, one needs to find the truths behind every human lies..think about it :)

Jeg Hui said...

Of course we should fear Allah's punishment in afterlife. Fear for some, but if you really understand Islam, it wont be fear anymore. It would be love. Maybe it started with fear. Then it changes to love. How? Because you start thinking why the punishments of hudud is so "cruel"? Or is it that Allah is trying to prevent us from doing it, out of love for you? If you drink alcohol, it would destroy you and even the people around you. So Allah wants you to avoid it. To get involved with someone's wife is something intriguing for some but it would be destructive to you, your family, her family. Would end up in death as well if her husband finds out and call his gang. So i hope you get my point.

I am in no way insulting anyone's logic. You should understand and take the whole picture holistically.