Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Khalid: Zakat can be used to pay admin costs

I was really angry when I read this.

I am already dissatisfied the way the Baitulmal being handled, now Khalid wants to make it worse?

Since when the Selangor state administration are allowed for a piece of cake of Baitulmal?

Since when that they are allowed to call themselves asnaf (people who can claim Zakat)?

No wonder there were pictures of Khalid with the Pusat Zakat Selangor recently. He wants his government a portion of the zakat fund.

I call all Selangor state excos and members to reject this proposal by Khalid.

It's clearly immoral and against the principles of Islam as foretold by Allah in the Quraan.

It is also clear that Khalid has forgotten there is a higher power than of a Menteri Besar.

A new Khir Toyo in the making?

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