Thursday, July 09, 2009

Iskandar Malaysia

1. I have very little knowledge about Iskandar Malaysia.
2. All information that I know about Iskandar Malaysia was only obtained from the web.
3. I am also aware about Singapore wanting to invest in Iskandar Malaysia. Well let them come and put their money to Malaysia. Although you don't have to sell the lands to them.
4. Upon a quick, simple inspection using Google Earth, Iskandar Malaysia spanning from Pontian, Senai, Johor Bahru and Pasir Gudang will be literally and figuratively larger than Singapore.
5. However, I can't fail to notice how dark, dirty and shit-like the water surrounding The Malaysia-Singapore Causeway.
6. I think we should revisit the Crooked Bridge plan, as long as it will not benefit Mahathir and his cronies one single cent. If we build it, Malaysians should prosper, not the selected bangsawan few.
7. I was also informed that we only sell 1000 gallons of raw water for only 3 sen or 0.42 Singapore dollar, and then we buy filtered water from Singapore back. What great business is that?
8. Melaka buys 1000 gallons of raw water from Johor for 30 sen. It seems that we love Singapore so much or maybe we are too scared of them. They got bigger guns, you know!
9. Going back to Iskandar Malaysia, I have a few suggestions although I am skeptical the Malaysian government will ever listen to a puny blogger like me.
10. First of, Pontian towards Kukup can be developed as a great tourist attraction. The beach is alright and the water is calm. I have never been to Pontian but I am informed that it is already a tourist destination, notably the Pulau Kukup. Long beach overlooking a quite big Pulau Kukup stretching towards Tanjung Piai where a lighthouse can be buit there to help ships going towards.... the causeway! (will discuss this later)
11. Maybe a theme park can be placed in Pontian (or JB) as well. Pontian can be theme park city while Kukup will be retain the quitness and traditional Kampung village for the tourist to chill in.
12. Ships can then enter the Johor strait and a great harbour can be improved in the white area from the map called Port of Tanjung Pelepas.
13. I do not know how deep the sea level in Johor Strait, but smaller ships (and maybe bigger ships can go pass through the Second Link Bridge (being replaced by the new suspension bridge) towards Johor Bahru.
14. Ships can then go to Pasir Gudang straight from Tanjung Piai (vice versa). The Johor Bahru Causeway will be replaced by a suspension bridge, crooked or not to allow water flowing smoothly and improve ecological quality in that area. Again this can also allow ships going pass the strait with ease especially when they are transporting goods from Pasir Gudang.
15. All of my suggestions above shouldn't have anything to do with Singapore as we are only developing our side of the country (except for the bridges).
16. I really think we should ask something back from Singapore for doing them a favour GIVING raw water at a very, very, very cheap price. i.e. like and UFTI or GIFT for some peculiar reasons.
17. Oh wait a minute, we don't want anything from them, we are only developing our own nation inside our OWN sovereignty.
18. Must be wise lah, kawan!
19. So maybe it's wise to renegotiate the water fee since we don't actually benefit anything from that deal. We can filter our own water for God sake! As a 'ransom', tell Singapore to build the brudges together. Report to a world environment authority giving them evidence on how shit the water is now surrounding the causeway. Independant tribunal can also be sought (Pedra Branca was successful for them although we were fighting over stupid rocks).
20. Just look at how dark and dirty the water is from a satelite image:


Anonymous said...

you can get more info on iskandar malaysia if u go to

Anonymous said...

hey friend am from Singapore and a Singaporean

not sure if you hate Singaporeans,believe your in London now aye?

I personally feel that there's no point to get in war

iskandar Malaysia is a brilliant idea in my opinion

for me is don't compete,co-operate

I also think that the johor tambak should be demolish

I don't mind if one day Singapore loose and get back together with Malaysia

but politics...heh

personally I love Malaysia - maybe I'm not your typical Singapore

for watever's worth

Jeg said...

I dont hate Singaporeans. Hate is only for the weenies. They have small tooots and they wanna be bossong meh? So they generate hate.

hate is for weenies.

Co-operate, compete, both are healthy.

Yes, tambak johor MUST be demolished and replaced by a suspension bridge to provide free flowing water.

I dont mind at all if Singapore rejoin Malaysia. We are not so different!

Finally, thanks for your comment. :)

Anonymous said... a JOHOREAN..the truth I also dont like the sporean.Not because of the people but their ego..sometimes maybe they think they are so big and can do anything they respect to the locals...but I know not all of them are like that but most of them..