Wednesday, July 01, 2009

BN, PR, Hindraf... we are all the same = Malaysian Politicians

Funny quotes/incidents proving that we are all the SAME as we are all Malaysian Politcians.
1. BN spoke about how the alternative media like Malaysiakini, Harakah daily and others being biased and must be controlled or ban because 'they could cause confusion and generate hate'. Even bloggers are not spared. Pakatan, defended all these media because the they support its agenda.

--- Pakatan (notably Anwar and Lim Guan Eng ban UTUSAN journalists from hearing their press conference!

Verdict: Freedom of speech from BOTH sides my ass.

2. Some UMNO leaders being branded as racists and would usually say something like "Go back to China/India" or "Go back to where you came from" or "Kalau tak suka boleh keluar Malaysia" out of anger (and stupidity)

--- One Hindraf (championed by Pakatan) leader named C Tharmaraj today asked Lim Guan Eng (DAP) to 'step down as Chief Minister of Penang and go back to where he came from (Malacca)'

Verdict: We are all racists still even if it takes 0.001% of your soul, because we are from different ethnics and backgrounds, just live with it! Malaysians Malaysia my ass. Keep your identity intact while respecting other people's beliefs and cultures and we will make our nation great (again).

3. BN components care about their people of different ethnics. UMNO wants to protect the rights of the Malays, MCA representing the Chinese, MIC helping the Indians etc.

--- Pakatan say they are different. They are not really race-based and will NEVER use the race cards. Well not quite right.. PKR still claim they will protect the Constitution including the Malay rights and the existence of Kings and Rulers. NEP will abolished, yes, but it's not really abolishing it, but literally RENAMING it. PKR is still predominantly Malays. DAP, how many Non-Chinese is in DAP? They even have websites in Chinese. Youtube comments and pages are in Chinese language as well. How many Malays are in DAP? So of course they want equality because it will favour Non-Malays with the demise of hardcore poor as well (who are mostly Bumiputras). One MP from DAP even had the b*lls (or should I say t*ts because the MP doesn't have them) to say that the government should allocate more fund to help young entrepreneurs regardless of their financial backgrounds (again, not helping poor people! WHAT are you??). Meanwhile, Hadi (PAS-Pakatan) today has said that removing the 30% Bumi quota by PM will weaken Bumis. PAS members are almost 100% Malay Muslims.

Verdict: Race-based politics outdated? You people ahh.. so in denial! And yeah, PAS (Malays/Muslims) and DAP (Chinese,Indians/Secular, Socialists) will never work together because they are so different! Nuff said.
4. Corruption corruption corruption... People always blame Barisan leaders as MOST corrupt. Which is true but how about the people from the other side?
--- Fairuz (PKR) had a corruption case regarding quarries in Penang. Well, he is not alone. One young PKR leader has asked around young Malay entrepreneurs if they would like to open business with his help. He blatantly said, "ini bukan rasuah.. tapi PROFIT SHARING lah!" (translated - this is not corruption but profit sharing will do). Man that is worse than UNDER TABLE one-off money. You will get lump sum money in a traditional bribery but profit sharing is far worse! Say if the young company made RM1 Million so how much the company has to share with you? 50%? What about next year? another round of 'profit' for only lobbying the project? Next year? For the next 10,20 years? Kaya lah kau camtu goyang kaki saja! Every year plak tu! What have you done to help these young businessmen? Virtually nothing if you ask me. And what's up with this DAP case of buying RM4000 karaoke set? Every single cent also want to take ah? Siao lu!
Verdict: People still want to get rich quick even if it's dirty money. But of course not all leaders like that.

more to follow...


Anonymous said...

if BN, PKR are all the same then it wouldnt be a problem if Malaysia choose a new govt to rule the country ,would it?

what makes BN any different than PKR for them to retain as the ruling party in the future?

FYI, i'm not a fan of any party. i just want peace in Malaysia. cheers..

Anonymous said...

The PR popularity is just bcs of the collective hatred left unchecked during the mahathir era.
All I can think of is......'animal farm'. N i'm not surprised that if this so called party-for-complete-utopian-society/goverment-change usurps the current government, the same problem will occur.
I don't understand why they can't just shut up, do their job and n a be the check and balance in a two dominant parties country. One party completely above the other is a definite no-no. We know that from BN era didn't we?
I have once sat down with this so called secretary for PKR and had a chat with him.
I asked him, 'Why r u so determine to gain the majority in parliament by getting leaping 'frogs' in? Is this the kind of base you want to form ur government on? The kind that demonizes BN for doing the same kind of thing yet is willing to sell its own soul in order to 'win'. Yes, i called it winning, since I don't see the interest in it for the people. Only to feed the greedy and the overambitious.'
I said further to him,' If u do this or send this kind of message, what will stop BN from doing the same thing?'
Well of course, he mumbles on, justifying gibberish and sighed as he taught to himself, 'what does a 20 year old girl know anyways?'
Perak is the result today.
p/s: It's Mia BTW

Jeg said...

Hi Mia, thanks for your comment.

Yeah I agree with you.

Pakatan is only one year old but they are now in shambles.

I really like this proverb:

Tuding org satu jari, empat jari tuding diri sendiri.

In the end, these so called great ppl will become... the party they claim to hate.

Hanie said...

out of the pan into the fire

the alternatives are not any better. damn, scary prospect for the future aint it T_T