Friday, January 16, 2009

Toyota Camry for excos in Perak and Selangor

I am an avid fan of cars. I do hope one day Proton cars will be on the center stage of world's best cars in the future. I do not mind if there is some sort of a protectionism to help Proton and Perodua cars conquer the domestic market.

What is wrong with protecting your own country's product?

I have heard of Ronnie Liu. I was also informed that he used to sell Toyota cars before becoming an exco. I was quite astonished when Perak and Selangor government decided to write off their Perdanas for the new Toyota Camrys costing almost RM150,000 each.

Recession? What recession? Some bloke from Dubai is preparing 107 Million pounds offer for Kaka for his toy-club Manchester City. Well at least he is taking the ka-ching out from his own pockets.

The Camrys however, are from rakyat's money.

gaya hidup?

I do not own a Perdana. But Ronnie the Tit claimed that the cost of maintaining his Perdana is RM93,000 per annum. Do you think this figure does even make sense?

I tell you what Ronnie, instead of letting them rob you RM93,000 per year, might as well buy another Perdana every year! This could even bolster the Proton market share!

Stop giving nonsense figure! We are not that stupid (or maybe you are?). Even if it's true, you should do some research and sack the Proton Servis provider in contract due to misquotations and bloody rip-off.

I was hoping my own state government Selangor do not follow suit... when suddenly, another fleet of Camrys came down these Excos' doors. The only state government that has something to do with DAP that did not succumbed to Ronnie Liu's proxy at Toyota is.... Penang!

Kudos to Penang!

If you ask me, Lim Guan Eng should be the next PM! However, we have to wait for that other Lim to retire. Then Lim Jr will have more control of what he actually wanted to say about how we should govern our country. Not to be Chauvinists of course!

Going back to the issue, I am guessing the company responsible to these Camrys' maintenance is from Uncle Ronnie's proxy as well. Or maybe that Ngeh guy. And.. noone said about these Camrys' maintenance cost per year!

What.. RM92,999.99?

Shame on Pakatan if they choose to be corrupted as well.

Evidently, many of them have turned to the dark side. (I have my sources, not from that internet, grow up!). They became just like some BN people if you may.

Do we actually need new cars for the excos? What we should do is review the maintenance cost. I am very sure it is not supposed to be that pricey. If you think the former state governments have overpaid, simply review the rate!

Toyota Camry is a nice car. I have nothing against Toyota the automaker.

But this form of cronyism, corruption and misuse of power should be avoided at all cost.

p/s: The Perdana cars I saw still look good to me. Haihh...

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