Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super hero day

Last Saturday morning, I went to Nadia's house in Kinrara to clean it. It was also the resting place for my lovely wife (the drum set). We hadn't had the chance to clean it last week as the three key-power connectors were not with us as they were stolen.
I bought the new sets of connectors and being new, they played a stubborn game with me as I was trying to connect them to the main power system. I thumped one in but the other two fell down and one was broken.
Stupidly, I tried to mend the broken one and again forced it into the socket and then suddenly a strong rush of electricity went through my body and my arm got the worst out of it.
It didn't hurt. I was only shocked that I cried out kinda loud. My father came to see me if I was OK. I am not an electric engineer, but I do not know how strong the power should be from those sockets. Lucky to be alive or simply a small dose of electricity?
Still I went on cleaning the house with much ease. I didn't tire that much.
Later that day, I went to Cineleisure (it seems like a port for me) with Mariko and we had 3 rounds of bowling. The first round I scored 154, then 116 then 133. Mariko's scores were one bit lower than those. Even the guy next lane playing at his best couldn't beat my score despite his stylish spinning ball. Last week when I was playing well with Abie the score was 148 but that I considered myself as lucky. This time at Cineleisure was different.
Then Mariko ajak main pool pulak. I was gleefully in the mood of being competitive. When I was trailing I fought back with some funny/lucky but workable moves. The icing on the cake was putting the last two balls into the pockets in only 1 strike.
That day I felt like a super hero. The electricity rush through my right arm had made it powerful that day.
But it didn't last long as of yesterday, I helped my dad out on cutting down those trees. Later, I felt tired I slept the whole day.
Haha entry budak sangap yang menganggur!


Jeg said...

not really a superhero weekend.

Last weekend I scored 155, 154 and 190 (a new record) in a 3-game bowling. :P

Iko said...

i scored 104, 114 and 123 yesterday. syok!! and i didnt even give it my all. i bet soon i'll be able to beat your score in every game. muahahahaha!!!