Monday, January 19, 2009

KT by-election

The main reason Barisan was defeated this time is their choice of candidate.

It seems that Barisan still do not understand that leaders with shady backgrounds shouldn't be their choice of candidates in elections.

Wan Farid is known for being very close with Khairy.

People cannot accept Khairy anymore. He will be remembered for a very long time for being a corrupt leader and people will only accept his admittance to it and his apology.

Wan Farid is also known for being a snob. In a more personal experience, he failed to smile back or being humble and friendly when meeting fellow Malaysians en route to Jeddah for Umrah in a Malaysian Airline First Class cabin.

Later, he had the chance to show some humility when he was having dinner with his wife together with fellow Malaysians in a hotel in Mecca. Rather than being nice to fellow Malays and nicely asked for the food in front of my informant (whom I love and trust), he chose to ask his political aide to go and get it for him.

He seemed reluctant to have any favours from the 'common' people around him.

He also had to be reminded by the co-pilot that they were close friends during school years in Terengganu.

Forgetful man?

No, simply a snobbish man.

And KT was lost simply because of who he is and who he associates with.

What a disaster.

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halidaf said...

selaku staf kementerian saya memang menyokong apa yang anda kata