Monday, April 28, 2008

Avram and Tal's visit no problem

Chelsea are set to be in Malaysia for their friendly match against the national team. The proposed event has sparked anger across some Muslims and I have failed to understand why.

There is no evidence that Avram Grant or Tal Ben Haim are of any threat to the national security and they could even be the voices of some minority Israelis who are opposing the war in the middle east. Their venture to self-improvise in the UK mingling with Londoners of different backgrounds have shown for sure that they will not carry hand grenades to bomb any mosques in Malaysia. If they were to be associated to the zionists, why are they making money in other countries?

Thus, I am calling all the people who are against the idea to have some senses a bit. They are going to Malaysia to make some money for and promoting the Chelsea brand for their part, and raise some football awareness in terms of quality among Malaysians at the same time for our benefit.

I am not a Chelsea fan though I would love to see them lift the title this year to show how dramatic EPL could be this time around, but I still believe there is no reason whatsoever to cause unrest by boycotting the event.

No no the "Jews are not ruling Chelsea football by proxy" if you Mahathir fans would want to take it that way. In fact, my prophets are Jews (notably Nabi Musa and Nabi Isa) and Allah was referring to the Jews who are trying to destroy Islam whom we can't befriend with.

i.e. Paul Wolfowitz that Anwar has admitted to be friends with.

i.e. The current and previous Israeli government (Zionists) who daily kill the innocents in Palestine.

I hope those people have some senses a bit. I'm sure Avram's fine despite his gloomy face week in and week out on the tele:

Cheer up, Avram! Mikael has done it!


There you go laddie! See, I told you he's harmless!

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Hilmi Ramlan said...

why is it an issue in the first place..?

hmm i they want to ban americans from entering malaysia as well? :P

good one jeg ;)