Thursday, April 24, 2008

Arsenal have signed Ronaldinho

I'm proud to present you Arsenal's new signing for next season, Ronaldindon. Here's his press conference photo with the trademark gesture showing some love.

Although he is a bit too old for the improving team, Ronaldikin has vowed to bring some silverwares to the London club after a three-year barren trophyless seasons.

In an unrelated matter, I am urging Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim not to immorally allowing people jumping ships to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat in order to materialise their agenda to form a new Federal Government. This way, the BN voters in Sabah and Sarawak will feel cheated in the election and as far as I am concerned, Pakatan Rakyat is all about fairness and professionalism.

I hope he learns from his past mistakes not to be hasty on becoming the PM. Pakatan can prove their worth to the people if they can take good care of the 5 states they are currently ruling.

The recent reformations of the ACA and Malaysian judiciary by Pak Lah had made me feel delighted. Although I think it should have been done earlier after PRU2004, though however I am looking at the bright side like I always do.

"Bersangka baiklah terhadap saudara-saudara kamu. Namun berpada-padalah juga mengamalkan konsep husnuzon"


soha said...

Hi Jeg...I agree with your comment on Anwar Ibrahim - he should take it easy and improve msia in the next 5 years, from behind the scenes. This would give people the confidence to vote him in during the 13th general election! Btw, check this out(Mahathir on BBC hard talk):

Anonymous said...

bukan setakat pengundi Sabah dan Sarawak tertipu, kat Semenanjung pun sama

viknesh said...

I'm not too sure about it. It's all getting dirty now. Federal government are very particular about funding of projects in opposition-lead state goverments.

In an ideal world, i spose that Pakatan Rakyat can build on what they have to garner the public's confidence and by doing so convincing the 'rakyat' that they are the right choice in the next GA.

but will the politicians in BN allow that to happen at leisure? i highly doubt it. i spose sometimes it necessary to play dirty. i deem it as necessary evil.

Jeg said...

well I don't agree to the argument that if they go dirty, we have to do it dirty as well. (necessary evil).

I'm not prepared to follow the herd in that way.

To get to the top is hard. But lets not put ambition first by playing dirty.

Pakatan will lose its credibility if they were to form Federal Government in that way.

If Pakatan plays dirty politics, what's the difference between them and BN as they claimed?

I'm afraid if Pakatan insisted it to be that way, we all will go back to square 1!

So what's the point of asking for a change then?

Viknesh said...

i agree with what you say jeg, if it is an 'ideal' world. but i'm arguing in the context of feasibility.

consider this scenario.

pakatan rakyat chooses to focus solely on their agenda of delivering to the public. BN revamps their system, and appoints a leader who is less tolerant than our current PM.

Federal government then severely restricts fundings and accessibility of opposition lead states, without which delivery to the public cannot be achieved.

This could wrongly be percieved by the public as a failure of the opposition to deliver as promised (though not by fault of their own). In the end who loses? It is the people in the opposition lead states. This is evident in Kelantan and Tganu previously under PAS.

I agree that it is unethical. But at the same time i worry that BN will quash PR in this 5 years. so this is an effort to prevent this from happening.

whats the difference between BN and PR? its impossible to say at this time, as PR is new and does not have a standard against which to compare their credibility.