Wednesday, October 10, 2007

While waiting for Touch-Rugby in Hyde Park

.. I was at the MSD canteen when I saw 5 girls queueing up for food. One really caught my attention with her athletic body.. I didnt blink much at that moment until...

I found out she was a he! And I realised so were the rest of the gang when they started talking to each other.

I cooly waited at my favourite corner in the canteen but I couldn't hold any longer when one of them expressed his disgust over a blogger's comment about them being 'pondans'. I was so afraid I would burst into laughter so I made my move and quickly left the scene.

I guess I made it too obvious that one of them was staring at me like one kind (Manglish: pandang aku satu macam) haha!

I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings you see.

While on my way to the park, another question popped up. "Diorang ni tak puasa ke? I am damn sure they are Malays. Only one of them was Chinese."

So a friend suggested that they probably in their mens. (PMS). What??

Or maybe they have left Islam to justify their practice?

I pray that one day they will realise their mistakes and may Allah bless them with guidance and good health.

Happy Ramadhan.

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