Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ramadhan Recap

I've been quite emotional recently since Ramadhan is leaving us all with only 2 days to go.

It's been quite a different Ramadhan in London compared to last year and I wonder why.

Is it because I sorely miss the bazaar Ramadhan in Malaysia?

Is it because of the great free food in MSD?

Is it because I put on more terawihs then before?

Is it because the time I spent with Nik Harris breaking fast, checking out the chics, then Maghrib, then Live Football in the bar and then terawih on everyday schedule?

Is it because of the arrivals of some good friends to pursue their masters in Cass?

Is it because I finally come to the point that I am prepared to leave PNB? (Don't worry I dont play the blame game)

Is it because of the new friends I met in MSD?

Is it because I feel like I have more life now than last year?

Is it because of the exemptions obtained?

Is it because of the pulut kuning they serve everytime when there's a special occassion in MSD?

Is it because of the queueing up to the free food, haven't got enough space to squeeze in towards the end of ramadhan in MSD?

Is it because I made it too obvious when I left the table to join Apeq and Didi instead of sitting with a student leader wannabe who persistently reminds Nik Harris that they are cousins?

Is it because of the Holiday Villa iftar incident conducted by UMNO London, sponsored by Shell? (Private message me to know the details as I won't make this public because one of the UMNO members had since apologised and admitted her mistakes)

Is it because the Mosque in Willesden Green doesn't offer free heavy grubs anymore to support for the expansion and renovation costs?

Is it because we found another mosque in Cricklewood that offers very nice beriyani?

Is it because we get to live at a very beautiful and modern flat at a bargain price?

Well, I guess all of the above sorta contributed proportionately.

But I believe it's all down to God's mercy and kindness.

Selamat Hari Raya Eidil-fitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.


monsterball said...

So now....after more than a you still think monsterball is wrong?
Truths always win.
Anyway...all the best to your future.

Jeg said...

Hi monsterball,

I didnt quite get what you were actually saying here but I guess it must be because of what I wrote commenting the UMNO London.

That has got nothing to do with UMNO or PAS or PKR. If you are good you're good. As simple as that.

And hey, thanks for the wishes! :)