Monday, October 01, 2007

Jose Mourn-inho

I know I know this is quite outdated. But I'm still mourning the loss of Mourinho in the Premier League boo-boo-be-boo...


Well actually, I was taken aback a bit, atleast initially. It came as a shock to me when he left Stamford Bridge after a 1-1 draw with Rosenborg (ironically Shevchenko scored that one) because the next game he supposed to manage was againts Man Utd.

Since his demise from Chelsea things got from bad to worse. A draw with Fulham? At home? I wonder where are the Bridge 'faithfuls' they seem so quiet now boo-boo-bee-boo...

Glory hunters.

So what next for Mourinho?

Portuguese National Side? Tottenham Hotspur?

'Appearing in a bank advert in Malaysia'? (that's what he said in an interview with Skysports if ye ask me).

Well who cares? As long as he has his family behind him (I hope). With a 20million quid compensation that he banked in, the talk of unemployment is not an issue. Atleast not yet.

Jose has his wife by his side. Two children one is a boy who doesn't resemble his charismatic but arrogant father at all. But still they are all behind him (I hope). The Portuguese people are behind him. And I hope, the friends of his wife are behind him as well.

He is not a failure. Although that's not the case according to Roman Abramovich. The innocent faced Russian tycoon really deceived us all. But that's what most rich people do. Not a sweeping statement there, I said 'most rich people'. They don't know what to do with their money, they buy themselves a model wife.

But that doesn't matter to me. I do a bit care for the people who fail. People like Jose. As Jose failed Roman. It was a little setback there. Statistically speaking he didn't deliver this season. But I do hope, pretty please, that the friends of the wife are behind him as well.

He is known for his effective tactical approach although somewhat boring, un-attractive football. But in three years he won the EPL title back to back in his first two seasons. Then some small cups. But still he has proven that he is one of the best managers at Chelsea.

And I do hope that the friends of his wife are behind him as well.

Please, ladies, do not question his ability. Or whether he's gonna make money or not this year by not getting employed. Please do not talk rubbish behind his back and trying to influence the wife to leave him because he's been a failure. Come on, we all know his ability and how competent he is. It doesn't matter if he 'failed' Abramovich with one defeat against Villa and a draw with an unfancied Norwegian club. Simply, ladies, please, do not question his ability. He is a 1st class manager.

Ladies of Mrs Mourinho, please do not regard yourselves as the elite ones. Please do not convey your evil ideas around Mrs Mourinho that Jose is incompetent. Jose is struggling with the big guns. Jose can't cope with the real elite people. Jose had a relationship with an unknown girl in Beiri-Mar that was near to nothing compared to us elite girls. Jose this Jose that.

The question is ladies, what makes you think you are better than Jose?

Mrs Mourinho, obviously, they are not good friends. Obviously I do not know who they are but one thing I know they love to see your marriage falter. They thought that you would be better off with someone richer or 'elite' or will get multi-million 'bonus' packages or get 'promotions' to the Director's seat in 'two years'. Someone like Alex Fergie maybe? Or Avram Grant boo-boo-be-boo Mr Magoo.

A good friend will support you through and through. A good friend will always wnat you to be happy. Nothing malicious. No hidden agenda. It's not that your husband has committed infidelity or something. It's just a setback. I know Jose quite well. He's a nice guy. He might be arrogant sometimes but I know he was only fooling around. He is very honest and speaks his mind. He is indeed, a special one.

So Mrs Mourinho, ignore all those evil people trying to tear your family apart.

You know it takes more than that to tear you two apart, right?


relucent said...

ada cerita the wife nak tinggalkan die ke?

Jeg said...

No. No such thing.

Jeg said...

You know how I write blogs nowadays right, Dug? Haha.