Sunday, October 28, 2007

Football and PADI

It was a Saturday morning and I rushed towards Barbican to have a kickaball. The weather has been OK in the morning recently as I noticed a glare of sunshine on the way to the Finsbury Leisure Center. Me and Nik were quite early but we couldn't for any latecomers/traitors.

I think it went better than last Wednesday when we actually got to play footie properly. Had a couple of goals but that woudn't matter as fitness is more important at the moment. I think the place is perfect because if we happened to be late for the street soccer fields, there would be replacements such as the basketball court and a park nearby.

Later in the evening, me and Smq went to get something to eat for dinner before the Pojok Musik. With Dug coming all the way from Bristol, we had such nice grubs at Nusa Dua. It was one of the best Singapore Laksa if you ask me. The best part was, it was Smq's treat as he revealed after the gig. Thanks man!

As for the Pojok Musik, we were expecting one Malaysian band (Spoonmen), one local band (Debt Offensive? - such forgettable name) and Padi all the way from Indonesia.

I bet my sister Nadia would be jealous because first of, I was never a Padi fan (except for the Menanti Sebuah Jawaban song I first heard in UiTM). Secondly, Padi performing for the first time in London, with their new song as well.

The gig was started off with Iedil and the gang with the band Spoonmen. I honestly do not know the rest of the team but they went off with a good start with the Weezer Song Buddy Holly. But one thing's for sure, the drummer Jason was one of the best amateur drummer I have ever seen. The 'talisman' failed to impress the crowd although he sorta pushed it too hard with the swearings. Malaysia-bound Iedil as usual, woo the headbangers with his easygoing and having fun attitude.

Next we had this Debt Offensive local band. They did their part and I think the music was cool. However, they had a dodgy vocalist. Could do better.

Finally the moment we had been waiting for (I think we waited quite long as we wished Debt Offensive had a dead guitar or something)...... PADI!

I must say I thought Padi would look like the Dewa guys, young, long hair and all. But I tell you, like Smq insisted, the vocal guy looked like an Ustaz! Although I only know one song which was the Menanti Sebuah Jawaban, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest. I don't jump around that much you see but I did for that very night.

Some dodgy/funny experiences were encountered as well... first was this cute tudung girl jumping like a smurf on the front row. I couldn't hold my tears laughing when I recalled it the first time. Such a sport. Next, was when somebody poked me repeatedly unnoticed and I straight away thought who the fart was that? This is not facebook so that you can poke around goddammit!

On my right were the boys from Indonesia and yeah it came from their side. Behind was the Minister from Indonesia with his wife. But I tell you I wouldn't dare to look back each time I was poked. First, it could be some gay Indonesian guy. I know there were girls as well but unless they had plastic-man-arms I would have considered them as well. Worse, it could be from the minister's wife! Haha! And the worst case scenario would be if it was from an Indonesian Toyol/Anak Kerak import mari (Indonesian goblin).

Oh no! That would scare me to death!

From jumping up and down like a monkey to cold sweat trickling down my ass. I later shrugged off that moment keeping myself busy asking Dug to take pictures of us.

However, we didn't get any shots with Padi which was very, very disappointing. Nevermind the Spoonmen or Death Offensive or rich, overmake-up fake-up girls or even Ziana Zain lookalike or that beautiful GF of our friend. Atleast we gotta have one pic as a proof we were in front row with Padi right? And yeah it was worth it because.. come one, they were Padi!

Damn. Gotta get myself a new camera....

Anyway, I hope last night was a perfect sending off for Iedil.

If you are reading this, all the best bro!

Later we headed home feeling very happy and we had our supper back in Everwood Court. I dunno if there were anyone smoking weed at the gig because I was feeling a bit drowsy but gleefully happy at the same time. I had to call it a day and dozed off quite early.

Padi! Padi! Padi!

Lagi! Lagi! Lagi!

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