Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update: Altantuya Murder Trial

"SHAH ALAM: Abdul Razak Baginda and C/Insp Azilah Hadri planned the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu before the police officer carried it out with his subordinate Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar, the High Court here was told.

The prosecution, in kick-starting the much-awaited murder trial yesterday, said it would prove this as well as all events leading to it through direct evidence and circumstantial evidence."

source: thestar

It's been quite a while since this case was first reported in the news. The gruesome find of the Mongolian model's pieces of then beautifully-built body near a forest area in Puncak Alam had shocked the nation. Speculations after speculations were made since the accused is a highly-rated political analyst to DSNTR.

A lot of people especially the oppositions are very keen to know the outcome of this murder trial. Being skeptical, I think they are hoping for some political agenda to be involved into the case so that they could prey on other people's despair. This is then said on the grounds of hearing a lot of hearsays regarding the issue, apparently made by some cowards on the webs and other networks (including kelas-kelas mengaji auntie2).

When I said 'oppositions', it would not only mean external culprits but also internal to the party called BN. The rumours were sometimes funny and you will know it was crap right away. Some of the things I heard:

Lies, damned lies, and fame-seeking bloggers

"Razak Baginda is actually innocent. He loves Altantuya very much why was he made a scapegoat? How can he do such brutal thing to the one he loves?"

"The man behind this is actually someone who is the deputy at the very top. You know how randy he is based on history."

"It was actually being carried out (the murder) as ordered by his (the deputy) jealous wife. Dia kan queen control. So happened the deputy guy had an affair with the model. The wife found out. So she was upset and asked those two policemen to kill her then."

Haha I tell you. This people can make good Malay films. The point I was laughing is the way the rumours were made even I can't make it myself. It's so interesting and eye-catching so that people would believe and spread these lies.

Semua orang suka gossips right? But you know, I realise one thing that these people are so very creative. They can be in the Hollywood. Haha.

Ok ok enough laughing already. Too many people are grieving the deaths of their love ones already.

Now lets just hope we get the real culprit. I'm opening myself towards every single possibilities but lets not make another false stories guys. How can you even consider benefiting from this unfortunate event.

And when we found the criminals, please human rights activists going against capital punishment, take your tongues out of this. Please!

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