Monday, June 25, 2007

'Arsenal will collapse' - Jeg

Exactly after 14 days Superfan Gunner Jeg went to the Nou Camp for a visit and bought himself the Barcelona Unicef jersey in the process, talismanic striker Thierry Henry has offcially left Arsenal for the Catalunya Club. This is confirmed today at noon.

Ironically, Titi will also retain that special number 14 for his new club after a marvellous season with The Gunners. Arsenal has also let go another striker Jeremie Aliadierre despite firing blanks last season that saw them taking 4th place in the Premiership again.

"I was devastated by the news. I never thought something like this will happen after buying that (Barcelona) replica shirt exactly 14 days ago!" Jeg said.

Jeg has blamed the orthodox directors for causing this 'crisis'. He made it clear earlier that to challenge for the Big 3, Arsenal must do a Chelsea.

"I don't know about keeping Arsenal 'English' but for me, FIYOLO (F*** it. You only live once). I don't care if we were to be owned by some Americans as long as we are winning titles. It's frustrating of course for the gaffer to compete without any money! I live only once and I want to see Arsenal winning." he added after giving evidence of the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool.

"Of course it's a crisis you got that right. We can see some disharmony already after Dein's departure. Now we lost our Captain after losing Patrick (Vieira), Sol (Campbell), Ashley (Cole), Bobby (Pires) and Dennis (Bergkamp) in the recent years. Do you actually believe Reyes will help us now like he did for Real?"

"Of course it's a crisis"

Jeg has also apologised for not being too lively in his recent visit with friends in Bristol. Although he had a great time but he was said to be worried if people thought he was too quiet

"I was shocked and still shaken by it. The lads had done a great job with the BBQ but I think I could do better. Believe me I was very-very devastated."

When asked about what the future holds for his favourite team, Jeg replied,

"It was the same feeling when Marc (Overmars) and Manu (Petit) left for the same club many years ago. Since then, we won quite a number of titles. They might think the same will happen for Arsenal this time but I'm not that optimistic. We will struggle if we don't invest. We can't rely on the current squad. We need to buy more which I think will not happen as long as the current directors are controlling the affairs. I am predicting quite an exodus in the next few seasons. We will end up being like Newcastle or Everton if you like. Its not that I dont have faith with Arsenal. It's only that we must make some realistic approaches when predicting the future. So, realistically, Arsenal will collapse."

When asked about his loyalty, Jeg blasted, "Some morons would think that I'm not really a real fan of Arsenal. F*** them. Atleast I'm not a glory hunter like you. Supporting Chelsea because they buy big and winning for instance. I remember being alone supporting Arsenal back then in KYS and there were only 3 persons (Jeg, Francois and Kudin) who were watching Arsenal clinching the FA Cup in KMYS 2002. And my heart has not changed since. I'm only being realistic on the current situation. I'm freaking out of you like. Arsenal is like a second wife to me. I may not be as enthusiastic as the Liverpool fans chanting even they are trailing 6-1 at Anfield, but I'm a different type of fan. I criticise and hope some things will change for the better. In this case, the turn-around of the Club. But it seems like Mr Wenger is also leaving and so is Cesc (Fabregas). We are going nowhere unless we start buying big."

"Watch out. I will get the chance to really lose your boots this time."
Jeg spotting the Barcelona shirt in a recent BBQ in London. He plans to put 'Henry14' on the back of the shirt one day.

Will Arsenal struggle next season? Have your say, leave a comment.

p/s: Arsenal also loves to sell their super stars at a cheap. 13M GBP for Vieira and 16M GBP for Henry. Eat my dust you are good at accounts. No wonder the transfer kitty is always small.

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