Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Telur ayam mamak

"Roti telur satu macha!"

"Baik, you mau makan apa cik adik manis?"

"Bagi saya nasi lemak telur ok?"

"You mau yang telur goreng ka telur goyang?"


"Apa pasal gelak betul la saya tanya. Kalu itu telur goyang kalu, itu telur kuning ada goyang juga"

"Ooooohhh.. ok kasi saya yang itu"


"Telur ais, teh tarik kurang manis"

"Telur ais? You suda tara betul ka tuan?"

"Hahah! I mean milo ais.."

That's the usual conversation between me and the macha at the Hakim Baru, Shah Alam when having a lepak with Maya Karin...

Yeah right. Even Maya Karin wannabe despises me. Anyway, today I would like to talk about the most unpredicatble issue regarding whatever you swallow from the Mamak Stall.

It was first discussed about 3 years ago, when I was attending a lecture called 'TITAS' back then in UiTM. The Ustaz pointed out one particular issue that was thought provoking and it remains installed in my mind until today. It sounds funny but very-very meaningful when you think about it. It went like this:

"Kalo nak dipikirkan, roti canai telur yang kamu slalu makan tu, harram."

At this point everyone in the hall was puzzled. So the question came as why?

"Budak yang tebar roti tu, bila dia keluarkan telur tu dari kulit dia pakai satu tangan je kan? Skill dia bukan main lagi. Tapi kalo nak dipikirkan, kulit telur tu biasa yang kita beli kat kedai tu, ada lagi bekas2 tahi ayam warna putih coklat tu. Maknanya bila telur tu lalu dekat bekas2 tahi ayam tu, jadi roti canai tu jadi najis. Maknanya harraam lah roti canai tu sebab dah jadi najis. Kamu pun makan ngup ngap ngup ngap"

With his special expression everyone was laughing their ass off already!

"Tapi tu lah, kalo nak dipikirkan dalam-dalam. Memang susah lah agama Islam ni."

Suddenly the hall was so quite.

"Sebab tu sebenarnya, jangan pikir susah-susah sangat sebab tu Allah ajar kita supaya yakin. Serupa jugak dalam solat. Tak perlulah nak ulang-ulang balik Al-fatihah tu just nak make sure kita baca tu betul. Yang penting kita yakin. Yakin pada Allah. Insya Allah, khusyuk kita dalam ibadah. Ada saja cara syaitan nak sesatkan kita. Dia kacau keyakinan kita je habis."

It was so true. It started off like a laughing matter but in the end, you know something good is going to come out from his story. There are a lot of thing that you can learn from what he said. I'm very sure you guys will notice unless you don't understand Malay at all. (Sorry for that but macam lah ada non-malaysian reading this blog).

Anyway, the point was taken in a way that something might seem like harraam. I remember going to Southampton to lepak-lepak with the gangs. It was Ramadhan and I was online with Fit's PC. I was chatting with another Soton friend and asked if she could join us for Berbuka puasa and preparing for it together as well. I was amazed how I was snubbed because I thought they actually know each other very well since they are living in the same building and from KMYS. I thought she was joking being herself, malu-malu kucing but she said it was because of 'perbezaan pendapat'.

I didn't know this before I came to Soton! I mean, I tried to ask her to convince me why have they not living like brothers and sisters of Islam? I know there's UMNO and PAS but come on, this doesn't look right at all! Since she's a friend of mine, I'm giving a the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was misled by some fake ustazs who are only looking for domination instead of showing the real value of Islam. She is indeed only human. It's a shame to see how this so called 'perbezaan pendapat' can divide us Muslims let alone Malays!

Do you think you actually protect the name of Islam well by not talking to fellow brothers and sisters? Hizbi or PAS I don't wanna know who came out with this idea. Is it not wrong to 'putuskan silaturrahim'? Under what grounds that UMNO people shouldn't be talked to since they are 'kaffirs' as pointed out by one man from PAS?

Some people think they are so Islam. But they are actually being misled. And they are extremists. This people are the people that really concerns me. It is simply because the way they portray Islam as if it is a violent religion, a hard religion, a religion with many rules and regulations but the fact that it is with reasons and easy.

And the thing is, are the kaffirs meant to be ignored (let alone killed, butchered, bombed)?

These are some misconceptions about Islam. And it is so funny that it is being propelled by the self-claimed mu'alims and mu'alimahs but actually they are nothing but even worse than us who they called as ignorants and westernised, modern people (KL People as well). In fact, who are they to know if we are good Muslims or not. Only Allah knows a Muslim's darjah.

Sometimes you think you are so right. You follow the rules of Islam. But you ignore certain things like holding a good image of Islam. Menjaga silaturrahim. Promoting peace. The right way of dakwah. The list continues. We are indeed humans. You know that each and everyone of you is not indispensible. One day I might commit some wrongdoings as well. But I know I must put away that ego, admit my mistakes and repent. The idea is to think properly whether it's right or wrong. The assimilation of the teachings of Quraan and Hadiths with your brain. Because everything will make sense if you think and ask questions, not simply being blindly following this so-called zealots they will sometimes benefit from you.

Take an example of Osama. Do you think he actually care for the family of the suicide bombers? From what we know, judging on how twisted he is, he is probably benefiting from these poor people being brainwashed.

Take Ayah Pin for as another example. Some worshippers even let themselves to have sex with him to cure some illnesses. While, hello, is he not having fun here quenching his thirst?

And yes, the bombings in Iraq. I'm not talking about the US laknatullah administration they kill innocent people everyday as well. But these Muslim suicide bombers who kill Muslims, who kill innocent people, who kill makcik-makcik beli sayur di pasar, who kill young children and women. Why? Is that the way of Islam? Who thought them this nonsense? Allah? Muhammad? No. It's these people syaitan bertopengkan manusia. They want to be famous and kill people. That's all.

So don't be stupid. I noticed 2 days ago this lady opening a group called 'The Hanafi Madhab' in facebook. I mean what the hell? We are too divided already now she's trying to divide us more? We have the Sunnis, Shiahs and Sufis battling and killing each other in Iraq. I'm not going to kill a Hambali follower one day! This is basically politics with self benefits. I still dont understand why there should be war between these groups. I still think there are better ways to unite.

Everyday 20-50 people killed in Iraq. Allahuakbar? You see, how they portray Islam? They kill innocent people and shout Allahuakbar? This is truly un-Islamic. This is blasphemy!

I will go on writing till no ends. This is only about Islam. I havent touch on world unity yet. Some might say it's a fact we live in a racist world but I'm not that stupid to follow the herd. We must do something for a change.

Now, it's not the question of will I do something since I've been non-stop talking.

The question is when.

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Mohammad Ihab Ismail said...


True indeed.. That if we think too deeply about the fiqh in Islam.. Everything will seem impossibly OK to do.. But dangerously.. Some are taking Islam too lightly.. That it seems like everything is possibly OK to do..
Question is.. Where do we put the line between the OKs & the non-OKs??

Truth be told.. That some people are so rigid with Islam.. That they portray the religion like it's a prison of some sort.. But some are so bloody flexible.. That they portray Islam the way it should not be portrayed..
Question is.. How do we define the flexibility and rigidity that forms the essence of Islam??

Fact it is.. That killing between Muslims are strictly prohibited and 'laknat'ed.. But the difficulty lies behind the fact that some Muslims are indeed traitors against their own kind.. That they would seel their brothers' blood for the price of wealth and fame..
Question is.. Can we tell who are the dedicated Muslim and who are the bloody traitors amongst them when in our naked eyes, they all look the same??

Saddening it is.. That some people declare to do things in the name of their religion, and yet they uphold human's law over god's, for fame, wealth and power.. But more distressing it is.. That some pious people, who are really sacrificing their everything for the sake of their very religion, are accused as threats to the peace and unity.. As TERRORISTS amongst human kind and TRAITORs of their own religion..
Question is.. Who are we to elicit what the minds of men know and what their hearts actually want??

Questions upon questions.. It can never end.. Coz we are but a human being who lack knowledge about what's happening around the world.. Our world..

Least we can do is just to try to find the actual truth.. And with that truth being the base of our belief, we can only pray that God doesn't put our feet down on the wrong path..