Wednesday, June 20, 2007

J&Y Actuaries Ltd BBQ

Hosts: Jasveen, Yin Tse and two other housemates.

Venue: Elephant and Castle

Food: Ayam, Kambing, Jagung, Nasi, Sayur, Karipap, Chips and desserts

Guest list:
1. Kerolas (the guy who was playing the fool on the highway back then in 2002, now a talented photographer)
2. Ozzy (veteran keeper)
3. Duggie (with his flashy new drive E-Klasse Merc)
4. Francois (lost some weights I can see)
5. Jeg (wearing his new Barcelona Kids Size Unicef Jersey XXL)
6. Abbas (almost going Nabila hunting. Or was it Nabila who hunted him?)
7. Kitty Siti
8. Smq (err.. any comments?)
9. Lovely Mona (datang lambat)
10. Sensational Soha (balik cepat)
11. Johnate (aku tahu semua)
12. Bright smiling Shu (hands off guys, she's Johnate's wife)
13. Fendy (this time dia tak tidur but he's our man of the day memasak ayam!)
14. Zaid Pet (apparently Fendy's COO on the BBQ-ing)
15. Tan Chin Lik (with Abbas rajin melipat karipap sedap)
16. Nik Harris (gone back to Msia for good. Sadly)
17. Jeff (Yoi's bf, working in for Watson Wyatt)

Entertainment: borak2 photographers, masak2 ayam, gulung2 karipap, poker, declare, bluff, midnight movie (Fantastic Four. Sucks btw)

Many thanks Yoi, Jas and housemates.

Pics (courtesy of Duggie OKB)

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