Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Nothing much.. went to an Italian restaurant for supper with Smq.. met Mona, Maya, Hajar, Durra and kawan Hajar lupa ah nama dia.. cant blame for being forgetful coz there were so many other hot chics in there.. the waitress for instance.. and three Lebanese/Moroccan girls.. talk about hubba hubba lova lova... Ermmm shaggy!

Before that we had dinner and I rate it was the best masakan at the moment.. ayam stew.. insipired by Samwise Gamjhee's cooking days before.. kenyang gila makan then at the italian restaurant had spaghetti with fruits de mer.. (buah-buahan laut a.k.a seafood).. makan lagi wa wahh..

had a detour before that (bape kali before that daa.. timeline sucks) at Harrods.. usha dari luar je ah coz dat time dah 830... depa tutup kol 8.. but saw many super cars.. the one that blew our minds was a Bentley Coupe GT kaler ungu.. number plate arab.. haha! Others were like Ferrari 350 Spider, Porsches, hummer limosines and Cardilac limos etc. Haiyoo.. bila lah nak mampu beli kereta2 camni ah?

So borak2 semua dlm restaurant mcm2 citer.. love stories, gaduh stories, annoying blog stories, gay stories (they were sitting right behind us, sad sad story).. yada yada.. I was sharing the food with Smq that seemed kinda gay but atleast we didnt hold hands!! LOL!

Finally sent my application for exemption for courses CT1, CT2, CT3, CT5 and CT7 last Friday. Five subjects. Saja je try2. Takde ah mengharap sangat. I'm just trying to reduce the tense of 8 CT courses in a year plus a dissertation. But again, I know I cannot over-rely on this. Papahal kena study gak. Exams starting 15th Jan. I know it sounds a bit early to start studying now. However, aku dah usha soalan2 agak susah gak ah.. kalo x study, tak dpt exemption, kantoi exams, mati aku...

Hmm ngntuk ah plak. Chow dulu.

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