Friday, November 24, 2006

Laughing Out Loud (LOL)

I cant stop laughing my ass off as I was told by the IOA officer she didnt received any letter from me regarding the IOA membership payment. What? You think I have an imaginary post office now?? Haha!! Well, I never blame them for this problem to rise but i can see that UK Post Offices are going down now after much speculations from the press.

Weeks ago I thought I was gonna contribute to the ailing mail services by sending many letters and opting first class delivery. Now that I am pissed the most important ones didnt reach the destination at all. Who to blame? The dogs? Going neck on neck with the postmen? Or the dogs who thought they could retrieve every single cents from a cheque? Idiots!

Anyway, some good news, BT finally conceded defeat after allowing us to connect for free (50pounds deposit). However, I am not gonna say it's all done until we have internet connection. Last night, Smq called the new number we got and it was ringing... but the house phone did not.. sounds fishy.. I'm going to say we are heading for another 'false hope' accomplishment from the Brits...

Later guys

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