Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back in Malaysia, for a while

Touched down KLIA at about 6.00pm, last Friday. Tot it was quite a quick journey coz I only managed to watch 2 movies (Cars and XMen3) with the latter being absolute nonsense (overrated, boring and Charles Xavier, Jean Grey and Scott Summers died). The last time I saw these heroes died was in the Onslaught Episodes but kicking the bucket in the hands of Phoenix? What the hell? Phoenix was nothing in comic books. Not even Apocolypse.

Had this little time to blog coz it's early in the morning and then I am off to get some signatures for my certs and transcripts. Oh I forgot to tell about my graduation ceremony. I came with my parents and we reached Shah Alam on that Saturday morning at about 7.20a.m. Prejudging the malay culture of being 30minutes late, we opted for breakfast at McD instead.

We thought wrong. I reached the campus and I saw numbers being called. 472 i think. My number was 126 (2 points short of 124 haha - some people would notice this joke) and you're damn right I was late. Gelabah gila! Walked towards the line and finally saw my friends from CS222. Thank God. Thought they had entered the Dewan Sri Budiman. Saw Renee in tudung fro the first time. She looked fantastic (now, dont get carried away). Piah helped me with the jubah wearing and I was caught wearing brown shoes instead of the mandatory black (racist siot). And the officer ushered me to the place where I changed my Clarks shoes to their Albertini, shining like kepala Sadiq Sigaraga shoes. And then voila. Came the song played by the uni's orchestra. Still playing in my head. I tell you the song did make me sob.

Unexpectedly, came the time to go up the stage and take the scroll. Cepat gila... Tak sempat borak panjang2 lagipun. Abby reserved the seats for my parents and yup they got to sit in the cool, cozy building although they were late comers. It was blazing hot outside (panaihh Malaysio niehh - gaya budak UK tak sedar diri, tiru slang Encik Hanip). I took the scroll elegantly (note that I didnt go for their Raptai a.k.a rehearsal) and Tan Sri Amar Sulaiman Daud replied with a beaming smile. Well, atleast I didnt make a fool of myself on the stage since rapping KMYS Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up hahahaha. But Kamal was fine. I was not. Ahong was not. Hahaha.

Oh wait. I did blow some kisses to the camera.

I got down the stage and hugged my parents. I felt a bit relaxed instead of emotional I dont know why. Probably because I know it is not over yet. I still have a lot to do to qualify.

Got some pics taken and sempat amik gambar dengan kawan2 kat tangga. And then we went home to get ready for the dinner celebrating me and my bro Azua who also graduated a few months ago. I had lobster and I gave something back by buying a cake for my parents, to show some appreciation (I know I will never be able to pay them back). Abby and Kak Nani (Azua's fiancee) also joined the dinner at VS, Damansara.

I had a speech to make and it was smooth. Later abah made his speech with some good news derived from the fact that the state government finally paid off their debts to us. Thank God I dont have to emo writing in PNB Scholars forumer arguing with ungrateful scholars anymore. Haha.

Let me touch a bit about what I wrote in the forumer. I speak my mind and that's exactly how I felt. How can I just keep quiet seeing ppl complaining while I should be the one whining like a dog since I was not given the chance to study overseas with PNB's money after A-levels? Ok fine I did terribly in A-levels but did alright in UiTM and still PNB said "No" despite saying things like "dont worry, we will send you overseas to do your Masters if you got a first class degree". And the talk about remuneration in the forumer was not ceased for months! Of course some 'unfortunate' scholars would be pissed a bit right. And of course I have to say something. Jaga ah hati scholars lain jugak. Kalo tak pon. Jaga ah hati staff lain2 yang bukan scholars, tak fly, tak round-round Europe, tak dapat best UK education. And who are we to complain since we are already owned by PNB. Just be positive and do what you have to do lah.

I hate discontent surrounding an environmet. I hate it when people show hatred and violence. I know some still wont agree with what I said. I know we deserve better. In fact I myself played along initially in the forumer simply to see people's reaction. And then came this Hari Raya Pertama in London pagi2 I was told off about what I wrote in the forumer. "jaga hati diorg sket ko tak pikir ada org dah kawen semua". Hati diorg nak jaga, hati budak2 lain cemana lak? Aku nak makan pon pikir dua tiga kali. However, aku tak perasan plak ada married PNB staff yg complain kt forum tu. Banyak singles je.

I guess that was probably why I thought raya in London was overrated. Mood swing. Nasib baik kawan-kawan datang London ceria la sket hati ini. Anyway, I dont hold grudge on anyone. I understand other ppl's opinion and I really had the benefit of the doubt why I was told off that morning. For what I said that hurt anyone, I apologise. Like Saddam Hussein said, "Lets forgive and shake hands". No no he's not my idol. He's a terrorist, just like Bush. Haha.


I left Malaysia for just a month over and found out lots of things:

1.New long distance love birds (semua org dah tau kot). My buddy Lan who I met yesterday also dah kapel with a sweet chinese lady.

2.One of my ex dah tunang. Raya ke-5 lepas. Baru nak ajak lepak2 as usual. Dah tunang ni, payah ah sket haha. She'll be married next yr kot but rasanya tak sempat nak gi.

3.Mahathir seems to be quiet now. Hopefully it's the last thing I heard about this grudge with PM. I pray for your health and hope you could concerntrate on 'more important things'.

4.The Mongolian model murder was really a shocking stuff.

5.Abby and my family blend quite easily.

6.Lan beli Neo.

7.Heard about the SPM2000 buka puasa gathering that didnt really pull off that well. Low turn ups. Come on guys. We are KYSians. 10 years dah kawan nieh. Bila lagi nak bukak posa sama2.

8.Arsenal 3-0 Liverpool (sorry Ope). I didnt exepct you guys to be whooped that much.


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