Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Familiarity breeds complacency

Cant agree more with Ope who came out with the quote above in his latest entry. I came to City Univeristy to read MSc Actuarial Science and was slapped with crucial blow about the familiarity of the subjects, excluding CT4, CT6 and CT8. I became lazy and what's that other word I'm looking for... err.. complacent. Finding it difficult to swallow really because skipping classes is like my middle name, while feeling pretty bad for wasting me dad's money.

But come on, Economics? Probabilty? Mathematical Stats? Financial Maths? Assurances and Annuities? Again?

Thank God I'm not doing auditing and obviously not gonna work with an audit company. Repetitive work doesn't suit me at all. But hey, what sort of work is not repetitive?

Come on Jerui. You cannot blow it this time. Not ever!

Heard good news looming PNB about the increment of the salary. Hopefully, the environment in PNB would improve substantially. And yeah, people would forget about my outburst in the forum.

I agitate people in forums all the time. Remember Haha. Classic. Honestly, I still think the cyber world (i.e. kawanster, ngaum, pnbscholars) is still a virtual world. Where I can create controversies, but frankly, I wasn't THAT serious! Come on, it's just a space where provoking is normal. It's like beating a friend who is a football star by nature in Winning 11.

Look at what people wrote in their blogs about Pak Lah, the Khairy Chronicles, Mahathir or Noraniza Idris. Speculations, accusations and bullshits. Dont tell me you gonna believe all that crap. They might be true in a way but surely they were blown out of proportion. Mat Tambah kan ramai Melayu ni...

It sounds controversial, and people love these things. They sound funny and malicious. Of course it's interesting. But it only comes to the question of who/what to believe?

My style? Just read. You dont have to beileve any of this shit. Then make your own evaluations. Don't go and spread lies coz in the end, you are gonna get it. People will remember you for what you said. Not good for your reputation eh?

I remember reading a bulletin post in friendster. About the 'wasiat Sheikh Ahmad'. I dunno why people can even believe this crap. It even involved a close friend's grandfather in the post. And the most ridiculous thing is when people start to spread in friendster, and make some of us Muslims apostate in a way.

Look at Ayah Pin. He's a controversial figure. That's why almost 60,000 people of all backgrounds worshipped him. He even said that he's the creator of Hinduism. A God if you like. Policemen, politicians, engineers, doctors and architects believed this old wiry man. Why cant they take a second thought and say, "Lets see, I can even kick his ass and I'm pretty darn sure he's gonna feel the pain, or even shit in his pants, he is without a doubt, a human being, just like me, why shoud I worship him then?"

Do not be obsessed with people. Or anyone. Not even a politician. Have an ego a bit. Have a look at the person you idolise and start asking the question, "He's no different from me. I can be better than him". This way, will avoid people from joining the sects group.

Bear in mind that the former PM and the current PM are different types of persons. So, dont go and wonder why the foreigners recognise the former more than the current. Simply because the former is somewhat more controversial and a bit aggresive. But this is simply the way human beings react. They will always remember controversial things, not the good things.

I like people who work, rather than talk. People who is quiet rather than talking aggresively thus creating tensions and disharmony. People who promote peace and unity. Ceyy cey.

I, on the other hand, created havocs in forums before. Hence the phrase "Jeghui Emo". Being the man of my words, I wont even vote myself to be a good leader. But there's always time to change.

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