Thursday, June 08, 2006

Unexpected Result

I tried to check my result via online for zillions of times. Ughh that was a big fat exaggeration. Ok la, coupla times. When suddenly my result slip was on the interface, then I saw it. I was chatting with classmates when I was looking at it. Dup dap dub dap.

And.. all i can say is it was the most unexpected result ever...

I got an A- for General Insurance II! Can you beileve that? I almost fainted leaving the room after that paper. But then again, it is something to smile about. Why? Coz the rest are just so unexpected. Well, except for my Project Paper we all know it was B-. Everybody knows that after my previous boo-hoo waaa entry. Thanks Mr Hanafi. Now I have decided I'm not gonna miss you. Or ever appreciate u. Pfhh.

Dat sounds a bit emo. But to be fair, I never see him as a lecturer to me. He loves yapping nonsense and spent only a few minutes for the students. And then blame the students for being underachieved. Call yourself a lecturer? You could replace the VC lah sir. Not!

I remember when he barked at me on my first class with him, still fresh in my mind. "I expect you all to learn by yourselves because you all are bright students. So don't expect me to write anything on the board!". It was Quantitative Business Analysis for God sake! Not a reading subject!

He will never change his attitude or his way of teaching in the class. Trust me on this one!

Risk Theory, quite unexpected. Although I cheated in class in tests, so a B is rather OK lah. Although I was hoping for an A. I thought I did great in the final exam. Guess what? I thought wrong! I think I have the tendency to underachieve when I study like hell. Kalo lepak2 score kot... sheesh!

Pension Scheme. Hmm.. ntah ah. Pn. Azizah has never gave me an A in her life. Not even A-. Even Mr. Samiappan gave me A- twice, including this term. But then again, she was responsible for making me realise with her 'Be a Master of One' advice. Classic!

A for French? I think that's not good enough. I performed better this term but I got an A. Last term, I performed shittyly pon dapat A+. Missing you Linda...


Lets hope the trip to Gold Coast will help me sink it in.

p/s: I'm just glad I'm done, although not in that of a handsome manner. VC must be annoyed if he knew this.

Jeg the Unemployed Toy.

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