Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ros oh ros...

People from KYS might recognise the two Roses. No no. Not bunga2 chenta but you know... Cikgu Roslan Aww (Rosmary) and Abang Roslan coach bola yang sedikit boroi (a.k.a Rosroy). There is also a Malaysian commentator named Roslan Tambah.

But come on..... RUSLAN ROTAN????? (Laughs)

Ruslan Rotan was a Ukrainian midfielder who saw his team being humbled 4-0 against the fancy Spaniards. Goals from Xabi Alonso, David Villa and Nando Torres proved quality in the Spanish teams and gave them the best start of the campaign since forever (I think). But the Brazillian born Marcos Senna was impressive himself with his two long range efforts. One was tipped over by the Ukrainian keeper and another was struck after the whistle was blown for a foul. Otherwise, who would make the headlines.

I've got the tendency to appreciate the people who are not that famous but perform well.

Didn't watch the game Tunisia and Saudi and 2-2... must be a cracking match. Radhi Jaidi scored the late equaliser. The German match... didnt watch also. Late winner by substitute Neuville.

Still quite tired at the moment. My sleeping time is all over the place.

Catch you guys later.

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