Monday, June 19, 2006

Sugah Sugahh Babeyy

Last night my mom had a torrid time looking for sugar. I suggested to her we change the menu instead. No, of course it's stupid to avoid sugar as proposed by one MB but I said to my mom, "Mak, kita minum teh susu lah sekarang. Menu baru, takyah carik gula, beli susu pekat."

But for how long? The price of susu pekat will also increase in the future.

So what is the real fuss behind the insuffiencient stock of sugar. Take a guess.

A. Fire damages on sugarcane farms around Malaysia.
B. New virus found in sugar!!
C. Sugar King pushes the government to increase national sugar price.

The answer is... C, obviously. But who the hell is this Sugar King? Sounds familiar. Why is he called the King? Does he has absolute power on sugar? Is he the one who's got the minerales in his urine so that sugarcanes in Malaysia will grow very-very healthy? Is he a monopolist?

All aboved questions maybe true. He is Robert K (Not Dato' K). The richest man in Malaysia. You are damn right he is powerful. Malaysian citizens suffer nowadays because of one man. But you cannot blame him for becoming a monopolist. He didn't turn himself into a monopolist. Somebody did.

Why not get a competitor? Is this because of personal interests?

Some people find politics is interesting. It is a way to make easy money, according to them. But it works you know. You have the political power. Then, consortiums bid for a project. The best money put on the table got the project. Or should I say, UNDER the table?

Lets face it guys. They don't become politicians for nothing. Not to save your sorry asses in time of need, but it is for satisfying their greed.

That is the answer why some leaders are lousy people that love shouting and talking crap in the Parliament. Because they put personal interests first. Call yourself a Wakil Rakyat (People's Representative)? I wouldn't like a greedy old man to represent me.

Obviously, I am not saying all of them are like that. Maybe some, maybe mostly.

This is exactly why I'm avoiding politics. I'm writing not for the Oppositions (sorry guys, don't like your ways too), but for myself. I would rather leave the country rather than paying 'lobbyist costs'. For me that is extra cost I gotta pay! That would not make my company solvent and sound. And it won't be nice to sit in hell for some time.

So, will there be anymore good men left in the country? To distribute the nation's wealth according to merit, intention, good cause and social benefit? Not to take easy money?

I dare you guys, my friends, to take this challenge. I know you guys are fine guys. Just don't let the money money money corrupts your minds. Earn the money. You guys are too good, too intelligent to take easy money.

You wanna be rich? Be a businessman instead. Don't be a corrupted leader.

Corruption sucks!!!


foolish games said...

cant agree more.
nice touch, and a lil twisted.
anyhow, well-said

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