Thursday, January 30, 2014

PKR's Kajang Scam shows arrogance

Never a huge fan of Rafizi Ramli, the whole Kajang "Scheme" has shown the character of this man himself, who is byfar, the most arrogant young leader I have ever known beating Khir Toyo.

First of all, he boasted that he was the master-strategist in the whole issue. He also said "sorry" after taking the wonderful Kajangites for a ride. It's like spitting on his mother's face and then said sorry. The arrogance was clear since he didn't care the feelings of the Kajangites who voted bearly eight months back only to have to do it again just to resolve an internal party issue. He was also too arrogant to see that millions of ringgit would be spent on this high stake by-election.

Sorry was the only word he offered to charm the Rakyat. Now compare this word to the troubles that would come later and the monies to be spent.

He later continues to sing the praises of Anwar Ibrahim comparing him to Winston Churchill but the Rakyat are mostly against this "Kajang move".

Rafizi, who blocked me on Twitter for simply asking about the truth regarding the allegation of his RM 30,000 monthly salary, went on to feel like he is Barney Stinson from a top TV Show "How I met Your Mother", despite the "striking resemblance". He received an overwhelming backlash from the members of the public but of course, with his arrogance, he would just shrug off his critics and continue to fly up in the sky.

Rafizi learned from the "best", who seems set to become the ADUN of Kajang, Anwar Ibrahim. His sifu, who also blocked me on Twitter (Zaid Ibrahim, Raja Petra, Nurul Izzah, Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin all did it as well) claimed that Khalid Ibrahim would be removed although the Sultan will have the final call. It is also contingent to the greenlight by other Pakatan partners who had more ADUN seats than PKR.

I know you might think they blocked me from Twitter as a non-issue, and later you might also accuse me of "blockable" for being too blunt. It is worth mentioning here that Nik Nazmi who received quite a number of tweet-attacks from me did not do the same. For that, I still respect him and as for the rest, to me they are a bunch of arrogant leaders.

Although I cannot guarantee that Nik Nazmi would not block me now for dragging his name to this humble blogpost, it is important to know that for a simple thing that you do, it tells a lot about your character.

You talked about how UMNO leaders can be arrogant. I concur and can even name some of the them. But this Kajang Scam is the mother of all arrogance in Malaysian politics.

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